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  1. Hi Mick Sorry i have not replied to you i have been away for a couple of weeks with work and not been doing anything with the van. I intend to have a go at the moonroof this week as i am off for a couple of days weather not looking great but hey ho. Thanks for the info i suspected there was some form of mechanical fixing for this deflector so will now go and have a proper look. Thanks again BeeWTee
  2. Hi Scarab I have a 2018 swift on which the front had gone "flat" i have now brought this back to a very high shine in fact better than when new. Heres what i did, washed the whole van with Autosmart Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner rinsed it off thourghly then polished a very small section at a time with Aurosmart EVO1 fine finnishing compound using a micrfiber pad and lots of water from a spray bottle then buffed to a shine. On completion of the whole front using this method (about 4hours) i then waxed with Meguiars Gold Class Caranuba wax. I whole heartedly recommend this method but it is a lot of work but well worth it.. Regards
  3. Hi Mick I can wait until then as i do not want to break that deflector it looks as though it could be pretty costly mistake Thanks Beetee
  4. Hi Micktheshed I too have a 2018 Elegance with the moonroof leaking and following you write i intend to do exactly what you have done. Can you tell me how you removed the front "deflector" panel above the windows as i am blowed if i can see what holds it. Thanks BeTe
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