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  1. Thanks those suggestions look good. We're considering now going for a used static caravan, they are much cheaper and bigger than touring caravans.
  2. Ok thanks that's good to know. Can you recommend any other ones? It would be good to have one that can be hooked up to an external power source, also better if external water and sewage disposal can be connected for where it is parked in the garden.
  3. I'm struggling to figure out if I'd be legal. It's in Dutch by I have a car with the same spec as this: https://allekentekens.nl/kenteken/KG807F The guy at the site below says: https://freedomtwinsport.wordpress.com/weights/
  4. Hi, I live with my family and work abroad on ship, for Covid reasons I was looking at putting a touring caravan in our garden so I can live separate from my family for two weeks when I get back from sea (the covid incubation period). As it is would be in our garden and it is kind of being used as an extra bedroom, I don't think I'd need planning permission? I'm in the Highland region of Scotland. I'd also probably use the caravan to go on actual tours next summer when the pandemic eases, so it's not going to be a permanent fixture. I was thinking of getting
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