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  1. Hi all need some advice please. I have recently purchased our new to us caravan. I have noticed a bit of damp in a rear corner this was down to a crack in the back panel which I have now fixed. I am going to use a multitool to remove the corner bits and put a piece of ply in. My main question is in my second picture, the side valance walls of the rear of my caravan have ply and it is all soft. I don't understand why it is there put is it ok to remove. I dont have any damp it the wall in side the caravan. Thank you all for your help
  2. I'm sorry I am new to to this, I cant find the fix . Is it ok to just cut the piece out and patch another on in? What is behind the external floor board ? Is there fixing batons? Sorry it's our first caravan and just want to put the faults right
  3. Can anyone tell me have you fixed you corners please, I have a similar problem with my swift . Thank you
  4. I have the same problem, can anyone tell me how to repair it please. Thank you
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