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  1. Sorry for trying to help. I did not post to get into conflict or argument with anyone so I shall make no further posts. Good luck all
  2. I am indeed overly concerned because there are tens of thousands of caravan owners who pay annually who quite simply are being ripped off and that is why at the moment I am taking the appropriate action to remedy matters. Yes I am a static owner. If no one is interested or there is any hostility to my aims then please advise and I will refrain from further posts.
  3. The article loses any credibility when it says "The simple answer" There simply is not a simple answer!! Have a look yourself at HMRC's rules and seek the advice of VAT Specialists and Tax Lawyers and you will realise on the balance of probabilities, the interpretations of Moore and Smalley are incorrect. The Temporary reduction in VAT was introduced to stimulate the Hospitality Industry and not to inflate the balance sheets of greedy Park Owners who have suffered no loss whatsoever because they have received their fees annually in advance and have enjoyed Business ra
  4. If that were the case then there would be no problem whatsoever but our Park owners along with many others have simply upped the net amount and dropped the VAT rate for 2021 theoretically leaving the gross fees unchanged. The implications of that is that on the face of it, it leaves us poor site fee payers with the possibility and knowing the greed of the owners probability, that future fees when VAT reverts to 20% (or higher) will mean we all suffer punitive increases!! Vaguely and Paul1957 would it be possible that you can tell me who your park operators are either on
  5. There are a lot of varying opinions on this matter as can be seen from the responses so far, but let me categorically assure all those that think that no return of VAT is due to us fee payers that not only have I got written evidence from very credible sources to the contrary, but that there are a couple of more angles to the matter that at this stage I will not divulge. As I have said above, please bear with me as in the not too distant future I will have a 100% definitive answer for you all.
  6. Hi Folks This is my first post on this forum and I hope that its implications will benefit a fair proportion of the members on here. I have read through the postings here regarding the possibility of a refund of VAT due to the Governments temporary reduction of VAT from 20% to 5% effective from 15th July 2020 and having extensively researched the matter and sought professional advice and interpretations literally to the highest level I understand that the majority of us, on the balance of probabilities, are entitled to such a rebate. (please note that at present I am o
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