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  1. I recently had my annual service performed by an accredited engineer, who informed me that the floor on all four corners was measuring damp. He must have done this from underneath as he certainly did not remove the shower or lavatory etc. Having read the comments of others in this thread, I'm wondering if there is any treatment I can give the floor which will help?
  2. Thanks Guys, It is not an easy one. If I could find the corresponding other ends then all would be simple, but it isn't. i am sure that the fire will have to come out and that's a job for the qualified. That's why a wiring diagram would have been a great help, but as no one in Christendom has one and those who do won't share due to "Data Protection" and Company Policy. As it's Wintertime and weather is getting worse not better then this outside job is one that I did not want.
  3. Recently following a blowout on my 2010 Pegasus 534 I removed the wheel and noticed that the disintegrating tyre had penetrated the plastic inner wheel arch and chewed at the wiring loom that Bailey's designers had chosen to locate in this venerable position. At home I removed the spare to ascertain the damage and repair same. I rang Bailey's Tech Department who said they don't do wiring diagrams and gave me the number of their partners in Halifax BCA Ltd who supply the complete looms. Had a telephone conversation with BCA who said they would not give me any informatio
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