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  1. Try magnum motor homes in Grimsby they supplied me some almost a match to my 1995 elddis typhoon
  2. So Francis is ready to rock and roll front end resealed new internal wall boarding from magnum motor homes near perfect match and wall strengthening replaced new curtains new softy furnishing covers window seal inserts replaced new tap replacement for sink new gas piping carver cascade water heater repaired and fully working on gas and electric 50 feet of external aluminium Trim insert replaced new external led light over door fitted gas fire repaired internal led lights fitted new tyres fitted new toilet skyligh
  3. Nearly finnished reapaires and found top rails leaking so hopefully all water tight
  4. Currently have an elddis typhoon with an internal factory aerial socket and in external socket we bought a vision aerial however on our first trip we could not get any signal for info the TV has free view built in so does anyone know if we need somthing better to get a signal? Also the van is undergoing renovations while doing this I would like to install a radio whats the best advice please Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys and girls we are midway through repairing the internal caravan walls with all rotten wood removed and replaced outside has been resealed and thankfully no leaks after hose pipe test for an hour great stuff however the internal paneling is bonded to the insulation and we need to remove this to replace the panel with new as ots quiet expensive stuff id like to get it right first time and also what adhesives should we use to apply the new board Many thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys after are first trip we discovered there was a considerable amount of damp So me being me and quite handy i want to repair i have establisheshd the main cause is the left and right windows so i would be greatfull on any tips and best practices for repairs and replace spars frames and paneling ?
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