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  1. Thanks for the reply, some good info there.
  2. Before I ask any more questions I will try and find the answer within the forum, it's just at knowing where to look.
  3. Thanks for the reply, you right about the air awning, speaking to a couple down the road from me the other day, and they told me there air awning came down over night, so I will look for alloy or fibre.
  4. Thanks for the replies, we need an awning for a bit of space, it's only a small van(swift challenger 470) I think the fibre poles, maybe the way to go. Or dare I say it, an air awning.
  5. The awning that came with the van we bought back in the summer is a starcamp cameo with steel poles, the awning is in great condition but poles are steel and are very heavy, and at my age(70) I find them hard to manage, I've seen a set of bradcot easy alloy poles and wondered if they would do the job, anyone out there tried it? Or any ideas. Thanks.
  6. Yes I think your right, I've removed the screws but the shelf is still solid. Don't want to force it out, as like it has been said it will probably cause more damage. Oh well back to the drawing board.
  7. Help? I'm trying to fit a security handle to my 08 swift challenger 480 to make it easier to get in and out of the van. Problem is on the inside opposite where the handle goes there are two shelves one of which Has to come out, so I can fit the back plate, anyone for any ideas, I've removed three screws but it still won't move. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi all, just brought an 08 swift challenger 480, all is good except the heating, it's a trauma ultraheat . There are 2 dials above the heater the one for the gas has a green light when I turn the dial to the flame symbol .the other dial doesn't do anything, no green light nothing., Is there another switch that I've missed or do I need to pay out for an electrician. Any help would be appreciated. Ps, there is another dial on the heater which then I turn it on I can hear a motor/ fan running, also have not tried the gas as I would order electric.
  9. I have the same trouble with my 08 swift challenger 480, can't get my heater to work at all on electric, no green light? is there a room thermostat somewhere?
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