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  1. We have been given a kampa rally air 390 as it has mildew on the inside from being packed up wet. Its dry now and smells fine, but is stained. How do I go about cleaning it? I have read that chemicals / bleach will mean I'll have to get it reproofed so I was thinking of just using hot water or a steamer? Help pls!
  2. Thank you I've copied this to my phone!! Amazing thanks. We arent able to actually tow, it will be done for us by a company but all the direction on turning things off and double checking are perfect! Thank you all. You have all been so helpful to what I will admit is a complete rookie with no knowledge at all. I really didn't anticipate how much research and prep was going to be needed, even though I am quite type A and I thought I had more of the bases covered! We are currently looking at a kampa air pro 390 awning too as we know someone selling one. Its lovely that you all hav
  3. Hi, me and DH just bought our first *trumpet call* caravan and apart from the checklist of what to look for when buying we know nothing about caravanning... our only experience so far has been renting statics. I have 2 questions... 1. If you could give a rookie one piece of advice, what would it be? (Over the obvious safety info as we have family and friends who have already done a really good job going over thing with us 😊 and we have instructions and have done research) we are looking for hacks or obscure ideas that really make your camping experience amazing and stress free.. or
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