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  1. Cheers guys, I did speak with a local auto electrician who does tow bars & trailers he talked in a language I didn’t really understand but the upshot was he didn’t want to play with my electrics for fear of causing an issue that may invalidate my cars warranty
  2. It's already ben suggested but try WD40 first, it's amazing what it can be used for
  3. Not that old chestnut I'm sure but,, We've just taken delivery of our new Buccaneer a few days ago & it's great, just a couple of minor irritations The fridge alarm shows when connected to the car to show there's no 12v supply. My car (2020 BMW X5) has a factory fit lowball & electrics. The car dealer's checked the towbar electrics & said it's giving 12v supply to the fridge pin (no 10 from memory) when under load but the caravan fridge seems not to believe me! I've asked the supplying dealer but they're hopeless. On one
  4. Does anyone by chance know how to source the chrome coat hooks in Elddis caravans pls? I've found the description " Chrome Silver Metal Coat Towel Hook CCH4" on Ebay but at £9.00 each they're a tad expensive! I'd like to use matching stuff wherever possible.
  5. Seems like the world's gone mad.. I've just bought a second Safefill gas bottle, dealers are running very low & have said the next deliveries aren't due into the UK until June, possibly July. One supplier in Nottingham told me a guy drove from Gloucestershire. Could explain (in part) why I got £20.00 on Ebay for an empty 4.5kg patio & a guy travelled 30 miles!
  6. Have you thought about having your van Ceramic Coated? We collect our Commodore in a couple of weeks & it's booked in with a car detailing guy I've known for some time. I've been a serial car changer over the years & can honestly say Ceramic Coating's (not Gard X or similar) something I'd not be without. I'll post some pics & a link at some stage, suffice to say (in my opinion) it's worth every penny:)
  7. We're getting our new Buccaneer Commodore in a couple of weeks We're going to get aircon fitted (most probably a Truma Aventa Comfort) but the supplying dealer's asking a hefty premium & it seems they're getting Truma to visit to install. I could install myself but am concerned about any warranty issue so am planning to call a few of Truma's mobile fitters. We live in Harrogate, does anyone have any knowledge of mobile installations (good or bad) & has anyone any experience of "mobile fitters" doing warranty work?
  8. Is there any difference between the BP Gaslight cylinders & the Safefill? I assume the BP/Flogas take LPG in the same way that Safefill do? I ask because I've just bought a 10kg Safefill & found a BP cylinder at a much lower price(:
  9. Just in case anyone needs the mirrors for the 2020 (G0 5 version) X5 I found them below: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01HWIGEAC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. It's a complete minefield,, I've had quotes from over £1,000.00 to just over £200.00 for what seems like a very similar product. By that I mean caravan insurance, new for old with legal expenses etc. Ripe looked by far the lowest but someone pointed out (thanks for the advice) that whilst they're underwritten by Aviva their claims handling people (Davies Group) have a poor reputation for customer service so given the age old saying you get what you pay for I'll not use them(: Does anyone have any experience with the Camping & Caravanning Clu
  11. Great minds & all that. I was thinking of the Bose SoundLink Mini 11 (recently discontinued) but thought it might be a tad small. I've just ordered one of these & will give that a try, if not it'll be the Bose https://www.johnlewis.com/sony-ht-mt300-bluetooth-nfc-compact-sound-bar-with-ultra-slim-wireless-subwoofer-black/p3160283#product
  12. Cheers all (thanks Yorkguy) for the info, much appreciated. I've just ordered a Router & aerial from Solway, I'll drop a post at some point in case it's of interest.
  13. Fair point, I may just ask. The sales guy seems not to want to get involved saying accessories & service sales have to be kept separate?? It's taken an age to get them to allow a discount from Propane to Safefill for the gas I've already got the TV though & wanted to make sure the Tv's fitted at the height we wanted rather than find it's too high or low,,
  14. I'm amazed,, they arrived from Italy yesterday (5 days only) with non of the horror stories I'd read about import taxes etc They're a perfect fit & so far look to be worth every penny:) Thanks to all who've commented & advised.
  15. We finally (Boris permitting) collecting our new Commodore in April & I'm trying to get ready for the big day:) I'm going to buy an Avtex 24" connected TV Has anyone fitted the AVtex wall mounts & if so do they fix to the wall ok, what size screws have you used? Ideally I'd like to have 2x mounts (1 in the bedroom & 1 in the Living area) & use the quick release system of the AK68TM so I can swap between the two rooms as the need arises. Anyone any experience with the Avtex soundbar? I was thinking of a Bose Mini Soundl
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