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  1. Can anyone help with some contact details please? I'm trying to make contact with Truma & have sent an enquiry through their website portal & haven't had any response. There's no e mail contact information for tech support or customer service which seems poor but,, If not hopefully someone has experience with my queries below. I’m hoping to have a Truma aircon unit fitted to the caravan, it’d be an Aventa Comfort (https://www.truma.com/uk/en/products/truma-air-conditioning/truma-aventa-comfort) or the smaller compact & I’d like to be
  2. Does anyone by chance have a contact email address for Truma customer service or tech support pls? I can't find anything on their website apart from a generic contact page, I sent a request but they've never replied,, I have to say Alde by contract have been excellent with communication Regards Steve
  3. We've a new Buccaneer Commodore on order & plan to have the roof mounted Truma aircon fitted. I understand the iNet can also be configured to control this along with the Alde Heating system. So,, I'm also going to install a 4g/5g Router & wanted to know if it's possible to connect to the iNet via an ethernet cable or it'd mean I'll need 2x SIM cards. I've just asked Alde but wondered if anyone's had any experience as I'd not have thought this an unusual request. Steve
  4. Cheers, I was referring to the waste & funnily enough ordered the same float switch earlier today I’ve a feeling we’ll opt for the roof mounted aircon & get it dealer fit before taking delivery (if we’re not all locked down anytime soon) to make life easier
  5. Morning & Happy New Year! I forgot to ask, what make of float switch have you used pls? Can’t see the point of reinventing the wheel so I’d like to copy if that’s ok?
  6. Hi Ukzero, Thanks for your reply, you’ve done some amazing work on your van, thought I was alone beating the manufacturers at their own game! I take your point about your air on installation but think we”ll have to take the roof mounted domestic install or I’ll end up invalidating the warramty
  7. Might be wise to ask the dealer to put the heating on Using electric only for at least 24 hours before you collect. I read an article about an Alde system that stuck on heat (if I recall correctly) on a new buc & the owners had to get it fixed. It didn’t come up on the handover as the dealer only demonstrated it operating for a short while. We’ve a new Commodore due for collection in February, can’t wait & I’ve a long wish list of gadgets & boys toys to add. Thinking of adding aircon, we had it years ago wouldn’t be without it, anyone any experi
  8. Cheers Ian:) I did actually just call Alde & they said it'll work with 12v & Gas Not sure if it's illegal to tow with the gas on but probably not something I'd risk.
  9. Sorry to ask what may seem like daft question but, here goes,, Can the Alde heating & hot water system work from 12v supply only? I mean without gas or 240v? I ask as I'd like to know if it's possible to have the hot water heating & the central heating on whilst towing over a distance. I've a 2021 Buccaneer due for delivery early next year & wondered if it's possible to arrive on site with a warm van & hot water? My car needs to have the electrics upgraded for the fridge supply & if for some reason I needed an extr
  10. Must be a mid life crisis, we've not had a caravan for almost 20 years but can't wait to take delivery of our 2021 Commodore. Has anyone any experience with Satellite tv? Aircon anyone?
  11. I've just joined the forum so sorry if I'm asking a daft question but,, We're taking delivery of our new caravan in February & I really would like to start with the Safefill Gas bottle system. Are people saying that the places (apart from Morrissions) to refill are being phased out?
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