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  1. i know i'd be the defendant. i meant that do i only file a defense, as opposed to doing the equivalent of a witness statement?
  2. am i right in that you don't get to produce a witness statement for small claims, unless asked for? so i would need to put everything down in the defence?
  3. you may be right. they said they wanted one because they do re-enactments, and got fed up of camping. to not have taken it out in 2 months, especially with the good weather we've had is strange, even for a weekend. if that's the case, then they should sell it, rather than try and con us two months later.
  4. to be honest, the dry aspect isn't the issue. they're hung up about the service side, the ad stated that it was serviced and would be prior to sale. it was done in july 2019, and we didn't use it since. our engineer looked at it in sept this year and said that nothing needed doing other than remedial works that were outstanding, along with one new item. The invoice showed what had been done, and we had told them this twice. we could have been sharp about it and said it had been serviced, we just didn't say it was 2019 when it was. but we didn't, we got it looked at again before the sale.
  5. actually, that is not what i said....i said that the buyers have said there is ingress in a cupboard, some 2 months after buying the van. nothing to do with damp. bearing in mind the storms there have been where we are, it is quite possible that a 14 year old van has succumbed to it. the point is at the time of sale, as far as we were aware, there was none. in order to satisfy ourselves that the buyers were indeed trying it on, i went to the caravan, which is on the same storage facility as ours and had a thorough look underneath for the so called badly blown ply next to the s
  6. it was our first caravan, and so weren't exactly that knowledgeable about what needs doing. when we bought it, we bought it in good faith. we had it serviced afterwards, and found it needed work doing. we paid for it ourselves, and didn't go hassling the previous owner to pay for it. our engineer told us that if we were selling it, there was no requirement to provide a damp report, as it was the buyers repsonbility to have an inspection of the van prior to sale to make sure everything was okay, not just the damp levels. we made it clear in both the ad and in our conve
  7. i have no idea. they haven't said anything. as far as i'm concerned, they've had the van 2 months, so could have caused the faults mentioned. we were not aware of any of the faults, and logically, why would we sell the van knowing there were faults, when the buyers could have it inspected and discover them? we haven't provided the report, other than the service invoice, as apparently, there is no requirement for us to do so. they could see that it had last been serviced in july 2019 from the sticker on the nose. we also provided them with the invoice for the works carried out this ye
  8. all we said was that it and been serviced, and that it would be serviced, prior to sale. it had been serviced in july 2019 before we went away in it. prior to the sale, we asked our engineer to service it, and he said that there were only a few remedial things that needed doing. we did not provide a damp report, and they did not ask about damp. we stated in the ad and to them that it was a "dry" van, as in we had not used the shower in our time owning it, and so therefore couldn't testify to the shower's functionality. on the handover day, i demonstrated that the shower worked,
  9. exactly, we preferred to use the site's facilities as no matter how good, a caravan shower isn't going to compete with a site that has proper pressure and unlimited water.
  10. we didn't use it, but have no idea how much it had been used prior. the only claim in the ad was that it would be serviced prior to sale. so i guess it depends on the definition of "service" we had it checked over, and what work needed doing was done, and the buyer got a copy of this. from paying for the van to picking it up was 4 days. they insisted on getting it as quickly as possible, even though we said they could get it looked at independently prior to paying for it.
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. We stated that the van would be serviced prior to the sale, we got our usual engineer to look at it, and he said that as it had been fully serviced in july 2019, there was only remedial works that needed doing. We gave the buyers a copy of his invoice showing what he had done. They've only just notified us of the issues, 2 months after buying it. so either a) they've been out in it and caused the issues or b) they knew about the issues but only messaged us last night. which is hardly likely don't you think? we stated that the van was a "dr
  12. hi, thanks for your reply. that's what we think, but we're unsure because it's only 2 months since the sale, and therefore in a reasonably short period of time?
  13. hi all, i was hoping for some advice regarding our sale of our buccaneer in sept this year. the buyer inspected the van, asking lots of questions. we answered all their questions honestly. now, 2 months later, they have come back with issues that we were not aware of at the time of the sale. some of them can only have been discovered through using the van. they must have done this recently, as why would a buyer discover a fault and not message us straight away? on the day of sale, we went through a complete handover list with them, and again answered all questions that were asked. both
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