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  1. Hi mate I’ve checked all wiring as far as possible and no snaps or cuts in the cable. Changed the 20a fuse and still nothing. Looks like I’ll have to get an electrician out!
  2. Hi mate. Yes it’s a 20a one. No I didn’t try a new fuse in it as it all looks ok. I’ll try one tomorrow but I’ve little hope it will work. No I bought the caravan and the battery was already dead so bought a new one. Yes terminals are all clean as it’s a new battery. No signs of corrosion on the wires. This is so frustrating
  3. Hi lockin all the main switch’s are on and not tripped. Where is the RCD is this it?
  4. Thanks for the replies. You mean the fuse that is connect to the wire going to the battery. Yes I’ve checked that too. I’m really stuck. I’ve checked all wiring too.
  5. Hi everyone. My main 240v is powering everything in my challenger swift 1997 but the battery isn’t powering anything and the volt dial is in the red with a new battery. Any ideas what could be causing the problem I’ve checked all fuses too. Thanks
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