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  1. Strange how they work. CMC are the cheapest for me at £199 based on no tracker, no contents cover and £300 excess. Swift Supersure whom I'm with now have quoted nearly £300 for the same cover renewal. They all seem to work no the same principle of pricing lower for new customers and raising it on renewal hoping folk can't be bothered to shop around.
  2. Anyone know if the alarms fitted to modern Swift caravans are tilt activated? I'm getting insurance quotes for my 2019 Swift Aventura (Sprite Major dealer special) , and am being asked if my alarm is tilt activated? I'm guessing it activates by PIR inside the van, but are they tilt activated as well, say when being hitched up?
  3. Just had a reply to my email, looks like the tracker is free for just the first two years, whilst the remote access remains free for three years. So I have to decide whether to renew my subs for the tracker. My insurance renewal quotes will help me decide I guess.. The 3 years free service that you receive is for the basic data (remote control) not the tracking subscription. The basic data is on your account until 29/09/22, but the Thatcham tracking subscription runs out on the 29th of this month
  4. I don't recall, I shall phone them tomorrow
  5. Has the three years fee service now been reduced to two years? I bought my Swift caravan brand new in Sept 2019, so it's now 2 yrs old, yet I have had warning on the Command website that it now needs renewing.
  6. I was on a club site recently and there was a very large 5th wheel unit on site. The warden said that they struggled to get onto the pitch due to the size of their unit, and had they contacted the wardens prior to arrival they would have reserved a more suitable pitch for them.
  7. We have three Sunncamp Swift pole awnings in different sizes (220, 260 & 390) for different kinds of trips. The 220 is for winter and short trips, it's quick to pack away when wet and quick and easy to dry out at home. The 260 is for when our son comes with us, to sleep in. The 390 is for longer stays
  8. I heard that Knaresborough CC site was recently invaded by travellers, with them having to contact customers telling them not to attend their booking.
  9. Thanks, they don't seem to be taking bookings yet from people who haven't used them before.
  10. Always wanted to visit this show. Do you know of any other caravan sites within walking distance please? I once caravanned at a pop up site next to RAF Waddington air show, the only problem being I was amongst tents, it was crowded and folk were kicking footballs all over the place, often hitting caravans. I had an old caravan at the time, but wouldn't want to take my new caravan there.
  11. I may be having to do a last minute cancellation on this upcoming Bank Holiday Friday. We can only travel local and visiting friends will be at the site we want to go to, but they only had Friday night available which I have booked. I'm now waiting to see if the Saturday comes free so I can have a weekend away. If it hasn't come free by Friday then I will have to cancel. If I cancel now then Im effectively giving up a potential holiday, and then if Saturday does come free I probably wont be able to get the Friday. So I shall probably be receiving my first CMC warning of this year.
  12. You can also say the opposite applies, without the old school tactics of corner cutting, wrongful arrests, fabricated evidence, coerced false confessions etc, then PACE might not have been introduced. We can't blame the current generation of cops either, they know full well that if they are even perceived to be heavy handed or doing anything wrong then they get complained about and served disciplinary notices which can put blockers on them transferring to other departments, and they will have 18 months of not knowing if they are going to be charged with an offence, go to crown court and face prison, the sack and loss of pension etc. So they rightfully have to be cautious. From my experiences the general public don't deserve good effective traditional policing, and would complain if it was reintroduced. They are their own worse enemy, and they deserve the current policing service we see today. UK bobbies police by consent, and the public wouldn't consent to the old ways. So they deserve what they have.
  13. Mmmm, it could be. It's the wifes new company car so I don't know the full details.
  14. But is that only if caravan is being towed at the tine of the accident?
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