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  1. Might be some info here for you...
  2. I’m seeing that evidence and so is my dealer and the Swift approved workshop I use, so much so that they have stopped taking orders for replacement taps as they just can’t get any, such is the demand.
  3. I've sold off quite a few awnings I have collected over the years, I now have mostly lightweight porch awnings that are easy to put up by myself, and take down wet and dry out at home. Try doing that with my previous full-size Isabella!! I often take the caravan to site and set up with awning by myself, with the wife driving over to join me later in the day, or the following day. So now I have the follwing awnings.. Sunncamp 220 for weekends when I expect rain Sunncamp 260 for short stays when our son comes with us, he sleeps in it. Suncamp 390 for longer stay
  4. With these particular taps, I not sure its a draining down issue, I think they are just failing at low temperatures regardless. There are fat too many folk reporting the same.
  5. Why is it they always fit the connectors right being the sides of cupboards making access to them difficult? Same on my caravan, which is why I ripped out the pipework back to a previous joint and replaced with longer pipe so that the connectors are now in easier to access locations. Shouldn't have to do this on a brand new caravan. I will echo what others have said about being careful when refitting pipe into connectors, having done the same to me caravan the other day. I used one of these to cut the pipes cleanly... They went through the pipes as i
  6. That's good to hear. Did it dismantle just like in that video? When my warranty replacement tap arrives I will strip down my faulty tap and do the same, so I have a spare. My concern is that this will need to be done every time we have freezing weather. God knows what happens if I use the caravan all through the winter as the tap will fail every time the temperature drops, which really isn't good.
  7. Thats a shame, If your shower is ok (mine is leaking) then you might just be able to replace the tap on it's own. I can't guarantee these will fit, they are just what I found when searching... .
  8. Anyone know how to remove or open up this light in my shower? It's suddenly stopped working. Dont know if it's a bulb problem, I'll hazard a guess that the lens twists off, but i'm not near the van to try for a while.
  9. There are loads of people with this very same problem. I've got a new tap and shower on order from my dealer as a warranty claim. As a temporary fix I have fitted John Guest 12mm isolation/shut off valves to isolate the shower. I also bought lengths of extra pipe to extend the current pipework, this made fitting the valves easier as the connections were obstructed and hard to get to. Someone else on here posted a link to a video that helps dismantle the tap to change the cartridge, I haven't tried this yet.. https://www.
  10. Realised recently that due to changing needs over the years we have amassed six awnings, all poled... Isabella Capri lux full size with Isabella and Ventura annexes Kampa Rally Pro 330 with annex Kampa Rally Club 330 Sunncamp Swift 220 Sunncamp Swift 260 Sunncamp Swift 390 I've just started selling some of them as clearly we don't need them all
  11. Would the inner tent of the Sunncamp Swift fit? These attach by toggle & loop and locate along the outer of the awning, not the end. We have a Sunncamp 220 which is a tiny awning but we use an inner tent for sleeping in with no problems.
  12. I've bene told by both my dealer and the Swift approved workshop I use that the Reich Vector tap doesn't come apart to get to the cartridge, and a new tap is needed, but there's non in stock. My dealer has put in a warranty request for one. For now I've made a semi permanent change to the plumbing. I've removed all the water pipes that supply the shower, from where they connect to the bathroom sink, and installed longer lengths of John Guest 12mm pipe. This was because the push fit connectors were in an awkward place and were difficult to hold when trying to disconnect the pipes.
  13. I have a 2017 Yeti diesel 4x4 150PS which is a surprisingly brilliant tow car, and I purposely avoided any Yeti with a sunroof as they are prone to leaking. I believe that as nice as the L&K model is, they usually come with a sunroof? Check the carpets for feeling damp, or signs they have been lifted. The drainage channels get bunged up and then leak.
  14. I'm fitting John Guest isolation valves to my shower pipes to stop the shower tap leaking, a short term fix until I get the tap replaced, but I will be leaving the isolation valves in place incase the tap fails again. I see isolation valves as a good thing, being able to quickly turn off the water supply to individual taps.
  15. There are currently lots of failures of Swift taps, reportedly internal parts splitting during cold winter temperatures, regardless of any winter drain down you have done. My shower tap has failed this way, the parts aren't replaceable and a complete new tap is required. But there are no stocks in the UK as demand for replacements is so high. I've got a warranty claim in against mine, but Im expecting Swift to blame inadequate winter drain down as their get out. Time will tell. If you need to remove your tap, and if your Sprite is anything like my 2019 Sprite Major then
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