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  1. I know differently, but lets leave it at that. It's not the fear of crime that stops me taking my ebike, it's the realistic knowledge of what actually happens. Well it's your judgement call, but from my knowledge and experience with dealing with these matters on an almost daily basis, they are all easily defeated, and often are. I take my normal bile with me in the caravan, and leave my ebike at home. Theres nobody about on caravan sites int he early hours of the morning, perfect time for a thief to steal bikes. It's happened a lot at Clumber CC site.
  2. I dispute your claims too. Maybe I have a more up to date and realistic attitude when it comes to security of bikes. Most chains can be cut easily, perhaps you just don't know how the thieves do it nowadays? Whereas I do, so I wouldn't leave a £2k bike unattended anywhere. Would you leave £2k in cash tied to lamppost with a chain? Dont come running here if your bike chain gets cut and bike stolen.
  3. There isn't a practical chain or cable that can't easily be cut, so I wont take the risk. My ebike cost over £2k, so I wouldn't feel comfortable relying on a chain or cable.
  4. I have an ebike bit never take it with me when caravanning due to security when away from the caravan. Also, whilst their are roof racks that carry a bike laid flat, I don't think they would take the weight of an ebike even with battery removed - mine weighs 23kg, lifting that onto a roof wouldn't be easy I wouldn't want to carry a bike inside my caravan, and wouldn't want to leave it behind when out in the car away from the caravan.
  5. I think that is the attraction with policies like Mayday as they cover you when towing your caravan and the caravan then develops a fault where it can no longer be towed (they shredding and smashing the wheel arch etc). Normal breakdown policies like those provided with bank accounts probably wont cover you for this. I think the situation referred to in my original post will perhaps depend on the cars insurance policy as to whether they cover the repatriation of the caravan in the eventuality of an accident, but I doubt any of them will.
  6. I wouldn't feel comfortable using a direct supply from the tap into the caravan. Theres always the risk of flooding if your caravan develops a plumbing problem. Bought my caravan brand new in 2019 and had nothing but plumbing problems, I just couldn't ever feel comfortable being away from the caravan with a direct water supply. I'd have to turn off the tap at night and when we went out, which would defeat the whole idea.
  7. If that's the RAC Arriva, then I believe they have the same stance as Mayday.
  8. Anyone been in this position... I was reading of someone who was holidaying in their caravan and whilst driving (not towing) were involved in an accident, with their car written off. Mayday wouldn't recover them because it was an accident, not a breakdown. Their CMC insurance didn't cover their caravan getting home. Their car insurance did recover their car, but wouldn't recover their caravan from the site as it wasn't hitched to the car at the time of the accident. They had to rely on a taxi to take them back to their caravan, and then a friend travelling a few hundred miles to come and tow their caravan home. Otherwise they would have had to pay a recovery company for it to be transported home. It sounds logical to me, an accident isn't a breakdown so nothing to do with Mayday, it's nothing to do with their car insurance, and nothing to do with CMC caravan insurance either. Seems there isn't really a way of insuring against this eventuality?
  9. It's about time pedestrians had insurance and visible ID. Where does it stop? Skateboards, rollerblades, push scooters, running...?
  10. Not quite sure what you mean, but even at 6ft 3" I often sleep with the bolster discarded and without the bed being pulled out. But then I do have the bed to myself.
  11. Well 3 months after reporting this leak to my dealer, the new shower tap, hose and shower head arrived which I fitted today, and I resealed the tap enclosure to the sower wall with Dowsil DC785+. I also sealed the shower tray as I don't trust Swift to have done a good job on that. The sealant between the bathroom sink and the wall had also come away, so I resealed that too. I'll now take the old tap apart and see what the fault was, i'm guessing the cartridge?
  12. You may have misunderstood. Im referring to motorhomes already pitched up on the site, but getting up early in the morning to search for a better pitch, claiming it by getting the wife to stand on it, then moving the motorhome onto it. On one stay I the same motorhome move pitch at least twice, with other motorhomes also shuffling from one pitch to another on a daily basis. I imagine there's a silent rivalry between the motorhomes as to who can get onto the newly vacated pitch first.
  13. I've watched them do it at Castleton CC site, as couples walk around the site and see a unit vacate a nice pitch, usually the wife stands on the now empty pitch to 'claim it' whilst he walks briskly away, returning moments later with their motorhome.
  14. There is a weighbridge right next to my caravan storage site, but I wont use it as it is owned by a metal works wo have forklifts flying about carrying buckets of metal turnings, too much risk of a puncture for me.
  15. I have noticed quite often that about 30 mins before arrival time, which at our current site is 1pm, there is a long queue of motorhomes on the entrance to the site. I guess this is because motorhomes can park up close to the site and wait until till near the arrival time, before pulling forward to the site, whereas caravans don't find it as easy to park anywhere to kill time. So motorhomes seem to be on the site first, and at the front of any queue. They also do the morning shuffle where they move onto a better pitch as soon as it is vacated. I guess that is the advantage of having a motorhome.
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