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  1. We have an 8 meter flagpole and saltire flag and put it up everywhere we go so our son knows where his caravan is .
  2. After winding up the corner steadies with my new purpose bought battery drill I put the drill back in its case (with the spare battery and the charger) and left it on the A frame of my caravan I only remembered when I got to our destination in fort william god knows where it fell off but it was an expensive mistake 🤬🤬🤬 wifey got me a new drill 😁
  3. Just wanted to know what fellow caravaners think about using cruise control when towing and if there are any legalities involved ?
  4. We bought an Elddis vogue it was 20 years old for our first caravan 5 years ago I did a few jobs in it to bring it up to scratch and it served us well then we upgraded to a bigger 2007 bailey senator family van as we had our first child and my wifes parents took the Elddis they used it for a year and have now upgraded to a sprite and the Elddis has been given to my wifes brother hopefully it will be passed to someone else when he decides to upgrade 😁
  5. We have a rhino guard front cover for our bailey senator, reason being we had an eldis avante and a window got cracked on a trip away it was £200 for a second hand replacement ,the cover was only £35 and came with a storage bag from ebay takes 2 mins to put on and it protects and keeps the van clean ,if it gets wet no problem we just put it ontop of our car with a few clothes pegs and its dry and ready to use again in no time ,to me it's a no brainer .
  6. I have a 2017 mazda cx5 2.2 manual diesel sport nav and it's the best tow car I've ever had (had chevrolet captiva and mitsubishi lancer before this) pulls like a train through 6 gears with our bailey senator oklahoma single axle nicely flowing from behind , huge boot ,leather heated memory seats, sat nav ,bluetooth ,lane assist ,blind spot assist , self levelling suspension ,led giro headlights (the follow the steering wheel rather than the car)and tow stability programme all help make life easier .We have fitted side steps , roof rails and a detachable towbar which is very discreet .downsid
  7. After much nagging I finally persuaded my wife we needed a cadac we opted for a carri chef 2 and have not looked back ,easy to connect to the external gas point ,breakfast lunch dinner snacks all cooked with ease I very rarely use the inside cooker Try making pancakes on a cadac super easy and very tasty
  8. I've just recieved my CRiS documents in the post I only applied for them 2 weeks ago so a quick turn around also email you with each step of the process so if something isn't right you get an early warning,good system.
  9. Guy cutting across the grass at faskally in scotland getting stuck in the mud got his wife out to push car and caravan sinking more and more into the mud then the park owners towing their whole outfit out with a tractor and giving them a stern telling off for the mess they made and their stupidity 🤣🤣🤣
  10. We bought our bailey senator Oklahoma from gumtree ,now we are from airdrie and travelled to Southampton to purchase this van reason being we saved about £3000 compared to prices in scotland ,the seller emailed all the paperwork and recent pictures to us ,replied on the same mobile to our text messages and answered any questions we had with honesty it cost me around £150 in fuel for the round trip and considering the saving we were making was worth the trip all was going well until once we were there he said he had left the motor mover remote at work but could post it to us .....a quick look o
  11. A light key(sand) of the plywood wipe clean and let dry then apply your vinyl covering and go over with a hair dryer to heat it up a bit it will stick with no problems I done a few shelves on my bailey last year and it is spot on 👍
  12. We are fortunate enough to have a decent driveway to keep our caravan on and I'm always doing wee jobs it's a 2007 bailey oklahoma"had it for 3 years to make life a bit easier " adding shelves in the cupboards , magnets on doors and drawers etc ,my wife makes storage bags for all our accessories on her sewing machine (I have terrible OCD and call these bags our matching luggage ) we go away at least a dozen times a year some times a weekend ,week or fortnight ,but I cant think of ever going away in the van without having a wee job to do when I get home it's just the caravan life and we love it
  13. Driving back from dorset on the motorway my wife noticed the caravan in front of us had forgotten to put their aerial down we pulled up alongside and she said to the driver "your aerial is still up" to which he replied "it's okay the wife's in there watching tv" (she was sitting in the passenger seat) we all had chuckle and he pulled into the services to retract the aerial .
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