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  1. Yes this did shock me but its correct for the LED's using that as zeros once lights are switched off. Its very bright in the van as its got upgraded lights above the lockers etc as its a dealer special
  2. Thanks all,I have tried a 12v plug socket that gives a digital display of voltage and that shows voltage within 0.1v of my meter connected direct onto the battery. I connected a Clamp Meter to the battery terminals to find the load with the lights on within the van toilet and main led front lights and this appears to be 6.5 amp. I will take this up with the dealer. TheBattery fully charged shows 12.7v without anything in the van using power. The van panel shows 13.6v when mains is connected.Its not a massive deal but annoying!
  3. Recently had a new 2020 van and found that the battery voltage on the ivan whale display to be about 0.6V out compared to using a volt meter direct across the battery. I've found that when on 12v supply( battery) switching on the main led lights in the caravan and the toilet the battery voltage shows around 11.7v. I know its an indication only but seems way off the one in the old lunar van as quite accurate.The battery is also brand new fitted 2 weeks ago. Would this be normal for this system /van?
  4. Hi folks thought i would join this forum .ive had the new van at the start of october a long wait since ordering it from the NEC in February for a 2020 caravan.
  5. Hi this is my first post so here goes... Ive just received my new Compass Kensington 586 2020 model a very long wait as ordered from the NEC back in February and this van came with a Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo they retail for £35, Very basic with no cd slot or bluetooth but does have 1 usb slot. I traded in a 6 year old lunar that had a very nice unbranded sterio with an sd slot, usb slot,bluetooth and cd slot typical I hope this helps?
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