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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the advice! Imagine us leaving site in the pouring rain to hide in a Morrisons store just because we couldn't get the heater on! Also when emptying the grey water, the wastehog lid went down the drain with the water! And I carried the toilet cassette over my shoulder to empty it, as I didn't realise there was a handle. Imagine the sight! It even took me 24 hours to realise the aerial needs to be raised by unscrewing it! Having said all of that, we had a great time, kids loved it, and I feel like a semi pro now! If we h
  2. Hello everyone, I have just purchased my first caravan, and completed out first 2 night shakedown, a very soggy one! Been eyeing a caravan up for some time, a good deal came up so an opportunistic purchase was made. A 2018 Pursuit 2 560-5. The first night was a very steep learning curve in the pouring rain, we even had to abandon ship after the first hour as it was wet and cold, and I couldn't get the heating or hot water working! The only way is up! I passed test in 1997, so just creep in with a train weight of 3455kg. Fortunatley it came with every single
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