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  1. Thanks guys, I will have to try match a new hitch with the frame but this might be a bit more complicated than just replacing hitch as I might have to change the breaking. I am also getting a quote for a mechanic to have it all modernised.
  2. Not thats whats what I noticed initially is missing. I was planning on just replacing the whole system but I have been told its not as simple as buying a more modern hitch qnd attaching it to a old caravan.
  3. So its the safety catch thats missing. I can add a pic now Unfortunately, they have now sold all their last B&B parts.
  4. Hello, I need some help, I have recently braught an old Bailey of Bristol Maestro and having some trouble with the hitch. The hitch is a b&b sigma 60s/70s modle but it looks like the catch handle have been removed or broken off. If I was to replace this what would be the best replacement and where can I find this otherwise is there any other way around this issue? There's a number on the frame next to the hitch, might be a ref number. B&B trailers Ltd 256893 I would add pictures but not sure how... Any help appre
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