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  1. This might sound stupid but should I get hot water coming through on 12v or only gas and mains?
  2. Hello after reading the posts on here I have took the plunge and upgraded my car to a rav 4 and was wondering if anyone have any experience towing with this car it says it can tow 1500kg and kerb weight of 1550kg. Has anyone experienced towing with this motor 2.0 4x4 auto icon. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the comments but if you can get back to the topic of the mokka then that would be brilliant... I think everyone on this forum worries to much about towing if you have a car that has a towing limit of 1200kg then you can tow that many people out there don't look things up on the Internet, I admit you should stay in the 85% Match but I'm in this match and my caravans is under the towing limit.. Thanks anyway
  4. If you read what I said you will see that it says "it's only a guide" so thanks for the comment but I stated this.
  5. So what your saying is as long as I don't load my van to the maximum I'm legal?
  6. Thank you for the comment I understand that the car is not massive tow car and may not of been in any awards for towing but the vauxhall is stated brillaint tow cars as the insignia 2.0 has been rated very good. I will be upgrading as I would like something bigger but at this moment in time I do not have the money to upgrade as I'm half way through a finance on it. I have towed the caravan 300 miles home in a storm and she towed surprisingly very well but that is with myself a hgv class 1 driver I wouldn't suggest to people who are new to towing to tow with one.. But for me it's not a bad tow car
  7. I'm no expert with caravans but I had this same worry and was getting very confused the 85% rule, this rule is 85% of the kerb weight of your vehicle with is only a guide for safe towing but alot of people tow over this which if your experienced in towing then good luck but personally I wouldn't tow over the 85% with a caravan and I'm a hgv class 1 driver. I would check your kerb weight and then check your tow limit and and if your in the 85% and you can find a van of 1000kg or even a bit more as long as you don't load the van up over this limit then go for it.. You have to try to no 😊😊 And this is exactly what I found out. Good luck
  8. Legal eagle we don't put alot of things in the van only food and bedding everything else in the car we have no dog so is loads of boot space.. So it will not exceed the 1200kg maximum
  9. This is correct, I don't no what the nose weight is for the car tho Lutz what are you saying this is a good match or it's to heavy?
  10. Thought that I would comment on here I have purchased a caravan and towed it back with the mokka in a storm of 50mph winds the car is brillaint stable and comfortable, I will say though when you are going up hill she takes a while to pick up speed and drops to a low gear but take your time and it's fine.. The weight of the van is 1230kg and miro of 998kg so as long as I don't fill her up she will be in weight.. If anyone is wondering will the mokka be a good tow car then the answer is yes if you are an experienced driver.. Don't be put of by what people have put on this forum because the car has a weight limit for a reason..
  11. Thanks everyone for the comment I have purchased a van last Saturday which is 1230kg and miro of 998kg so as long as I don't fill her up and load he properly I should be fine.. I drive the caravan back in a storm with 50mph winds and the car was brilliant the weight of the car at 1400kg stuck to the road I went through a wet patch on the motor way and the car and caravan planed but the car pulled the van out of this no problem,, I have to admit picking up speed take a while but it gets there and starting on hills is no problem for the mokka with the auto gear box.... I think everyone if go to much in detail your towing a moving weight the manufacturer has put this weight for a reason!!!! Not everyone can afford massive flash cars.
  12. No!!! The other post was about the weights and this is to see if anyone has towed with a mokka I hope this is OK with you.. Yeah I have heard this as well. Thanks for the comment 😊 I understand mate it's just I have kids and don't want to put them and myself in danger so I think I will upgrade thanks for your time.. Happy caravaning
  13. Hello everyone I just wanted to ask has anyone towed a caravan with a mokka 1.4t if so can you please let me no what it is like to tow as I don't no if I want to tow with it as few people are saying yes tow and try it and others are saying no they would never tow with it.
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