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  1. What exactly is cartridge filter? Never heard of such thing. Where would it be? I'm thinking I would have noticed one if there was one, but I did notice some kind of filter looking plastic on the caravan's side, but it doesn't seem like i can take it out. I know pressure switch doesn't alter pressure, I just had to reduce it, because pump no longer turned off when tap was off. Now to think of it, it sounds more and more like low voltage issue. I will check the terminals in few days and see if that's the issue. Thanks again for all the advice. I'll come back and let you know if
  2. Hmmm .. that actually makes sense, because I remember when pump didn't turn off, I went outside and wiggled it around a bit, as I thought there's a leak due the broken plastic clip, and then it stopped, but in a day or so it started doing it again until wiggling didn't fix it either. You reckon I should clean the contacts? or how would I go about testing / fixing it? I've checked the analog voltage meter inside and it's at about 13.1v, I have mains power connected and battery charger is on 24/7. @ others, no it's not filters, because it happens on both taps and shower + I did
  3. thx, yeah it's the "cone" shaped connector, so common sense told me it doesn't need a washer. other side has 2 washers. either way I don't see nor smell any leaks, so i'm quite sure it's ok. Even if there's a tiny, tiny leak that is not detectable, who cares. It's outside and it would take like a year for bottle to run empty, so not really worried if there's some micro leak.
  4. Hi, I have Coachman Amara 580 (2003) and I'm having some weird water pressure issue. I'll just explain real quick how water is connected. I'm using custom made aquaroll, that is connected to mains water and then pump is just dropped into that aquaroll. It used to work just fine and pressure was excellent, but then over few months the pump started staying on longer and longer until one day pump didn't even turn off anymore, i had to manually turn it off from switch. I also broke one of those default plastic clips that holds the pump, so I pulled the other one off too and made custom clips
  5. Took my time to came back and confirm that the connector that was recommended by @Laurent works great! I just hooked it up and fired up my oven as a test and it works great. as I mentioned above, i never used gas in camper before. one side has NO rubber washer, is it suppose to be like that? I didn't smell nor hear any leakage, so I think it's fine? I tightened it really hard with wrench, so I guess copper is soft enough to smoosh it a bit and create perfect seal? I mean I put my ear against the connector and didn't hear any sizzling coming from it and after a minute or so I d
  6. thx buddy, but I'm not one of those average idiots who twists their hoses and wires and then blows himself up I'll give that connector a go soon'ish and hopefully it will fit and work.
  7. nice, thanks. You're 100% sure it would fit? edit: I guess this is same thing? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224137007521 it's true, pictures tell more than 1000 words. it pretty much shows that it can connect those 2 things that I need, so I guess I'll go with this one. It would be encouraging if someone would confirm 100% that it's the one i need.
  8. yes i believe it's German bottle, but isn't it just standard EU one? either way, can you please give me bit more specifics? Like what would I be searching for? If i was gonna order it from amazon.de, what is the connector type i'd be searching for? and what is the other end (one on my camper, the regulator)? In order to find the missing link, i would have to know both connector names, so i can do a xxx to yyy search, that's the biggest issue i'm having. I thought all gas connectors are reverse threaded (left hand), but yes the bottle i have is propane. It says tha
  9. I know you guys are trying to help, but please do not lecture me about regulations this and that. I'm asking a very simple question here, which adapter do I need to connect those 2 types together (ones seen on pictures I posted). I don't mean to be rude, but I'm really not interested in converting my camper or spending insane amounts of money on new bottles, gas lines and what not. I'm only looking for the adapter to connect those 2 together, nothing more, nothing less. So it would be really great help if someone can actually point me to a ebay or amazon product that would do the j
  10. thanks for the replies everyone, but does anyone know a specific connector type? Yes the bottle is EU, I didn't think they are different, because my friend in US also has same regulator connector (so I thought it's unviersal), but he didn't recognize the bottle one either. Do you know the exact adapter / connector I need to connect those 2 together? I could be searching for reverse 20mm gas connector, but what is the other one called? my friend showed me this one, but neither of us knows what it's called. It looks like the one I need, does anyone know if it woul
  11. Hi, I need some help connecting the gas. I have never used gas on my caravan before and I don't know which connector types to look for. I took pictures of both, the bottle and the caravan's connector, I hope someone can tell me what is the missing link that I need. https://imgur.com/a/3CRb3Uj I don't know if it's relevant, but the gas bottle is EU standard (if there's such thing). I think they're all universal, but well you can see it on the pictures. It would be great help if someone knows the exact connector names or could give me amazon or ebay link to the adaptor that I ne
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