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  1. update: i got a lucky 1 day delivery, just finished installing the new pump. works great, even though as i expected, flow is bit lower than my old one. just in case someone else needs info about the pumps, here it is: Old pump - crystal maxi pump (no idea, but i think it was about 15-20l/min as new) New pump - https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B001CV02U4 (10l/min) - Yes it's not UK one, but anyone outside UK, this pump has exact same fittings as the old one, so I guess they're all standard. Wire was bit longer, but who cares, better longer than shorter. you can always cut it. as I said, it works fine, but pressure is not that good. I had to re-adjust the pressure switch, otherwise it wouldn't turn off. I think by about 1 and a half turn or bit less. I tested shower too and it's ok. I'm not much of a pressure fan anyways. when I wash hands, i prefer lower pressure, so water won't splash all over and when i take shower, i also prefer lower pressure so that hot water lasts longer. ofcourse you can adjust it from tap, but it's so much easier to just turn the tap onto max than slooooowwwlyyy turning it on until you got right pressure. so for a pump worth about 15 quid, I think it's good enough result.
  2. yeah I know how basic physics works, it's just that I couldn't find any specs on my current pump. It felt like 5-6l per minute. I didn't notice significant change in shower, I mean that shower's tap is about same level as sink and basin and if i lower the shower from near ceiling to below basin level, then I see no visible increase in flow, so I assume that 10l pump will do the trick. I know it's about 50w power and says "crystal maxi pump" on it, that's all I could find. anyway now it's too late, already ordered the 10l/min one. Thanks everyone for all the info and ideas. I'll try to come back in few days and let you all know how well that 10l pump works.
  3. Yeah i know it should turn freely, but water doesn't run thru the pump. If it did, it would short circuit. There are water tight seals everywhere. That's why i'm having hard time opening it. I was counting on it, but thought I ask anyway. But well, I have nearly no hope in fixing it, do you or anyone else know how much flow rate should I be looking at? I just looked on google and they saying that standard ones are about 10l / min. There's a cheap one on amazon, might just grab that one and see how it works. From experience, I think mine might have actually been bit below 10l/min. Took me more than 2-3 mins to fill 15l washing machine, so I guess 10l/min should work better than the old one. Edit: couldn't bother waiting, I ordered the cheap 10l/min pump, should arrive by tomorrow. For 15gbp, if it gets me water out of shower, that's good enough.
  4. Well I might have overstated a bit, it does move, but very, very hard. I popped the bottom "cap" off so I was able to access the head of the pump, i can turn it with fingers, but it feels very stiff. So I assume bearings, but I'd like to give it a go with oil ... that is if i can get it open. and yes, I meant the fuse. sorry I'm tired, was gonna take a shower and go to sleep and then this happened
  5. my camper was made in 2003, but I have no idea if it has been replaced or not. I bought it from second hand caravan dealer who refurbishes them. pump looked quite new to me. and no thx, those services cost a fortune. I already looked on amazon, i can get replacement for like 15 - 25 gbp. It's not same and probably bit less power, but looks identical. I just rather fix it if there's a way. I got the bottom cap off, but don't think it can be opened any further. It's just stuck. putting power thru does make it click, so I'm thinking if i can get oil in the right place, it might actually start working. I've seen same thing with PC fans, where it gets completely stuck, but PC fans have that rubber cap on back, you pop it off and squirt some oil in it, give it 10 mins and spin it a bit and it will be good as new. but problem with submersible one, is that obviously it's protected against water, therefore also oil. So I can't get oil into the motor itself.
  6. Hi. My pump just failed, is there any way to open it? I know that you're able to open bigger submersible pumps, but this 12v one seems quite sealed and I can't find any screws or other clips to take it apart. Are they built in a way so you can't repair them or do I have hope of fixing it? Basically what happened, is that it just stopped and 12v breaker broke too. I took the pump and instantly found a issue, it's completely STUCK and won't move at all. I tried moving it bit with pliers and it's very hard to move it. I tried squirting some oil into it (with very little hope) and as I expected, it had no effect. I also tried powering it from 12v DC adapter and something just clicks in it, but it won't move at all. I assume the ballbearing broke or it's just very dry. Either way, I'd like to take it apart, so is there any non destructive way of opening it and attempt repairs? I forgot to mention, it's older whale pump, but I really think there's no difference as they're all some sort of standard pumps that are built in same way. I looked some up on amazon and there are lots, but they all look alike with same connectors. Thanks.
  7. I have no idea, but with the original I always had higher pressure bursting out of hot water tap when I heated it from cold to hot. I had no idea about it at first, but after first couple of times, I started manually venting it 1-3 times while it was heating as pressure seemed bit too much (turning tap on / off for a second) Before it broke, it no longer did that. I used it 2-3 times before it broke and it didn't build up the pressure anymore, it should be other way around, but go figure. . no idea. I just finished installing the new one and didn't have any pressure build up issues. I filled it with cold water and heated all the way up to like 65C (max is 70). It is advertised as "electrically pressure resistant". I have never heard such term before, but common sense tells me it has some sort of expansion tank that is operated electrically. Also my pressure switch on camper is turned to quite low, so there should be more than enough room for expansion + the drain / pressure valve. My camper actually has quite long pipework. It runs all around the edges .. there's at least a good 20 meters of cold pipe there and another 15 of hot. Water comes from right side near front, then it goes all around from front to the kitchen area (other side, middle) and then from other side it runs all the way to shower and bathroom basin. Total lenght of my camper is about 5.9 meters inside. I don't think there will be any issues. However what I don't understand, how would that valve help me anyways if it's only installed between cold water? It would only make it worse as all the pressure would be forced into hot water pipe, but without the 1 way pressure valve, it can also go back into cold water pipe. Just took a shower and 5-10 mins after shower it was already fully heated up again, I'm glad I chose not to fix the old garbage, 10 liter 450w is just not enough, but 15 liter 1500w does excellent job with low pressure! I replaced the EU plug with UK one and connected it into smart plug, so I can set schedules or operate it remotely. Also actual wattage is 1365 (as seen on the screenshot). Thanks again @everyone who helped me figure out the pipes and connectors. Here are some pictures of my "frankenstein".
  8. it doesn't say much at all. it has only couple pictures and that's it. i think it's pointless too to include it as camper ones are lower pressure anyways, so there's no risk to "blow" the pipes. I tried the metal one on shower and it restricts the flow even more, so i think it's bad idea to have it. I mean pump is not powerful enough to freely flow that metal valve.
  9. It's also a pressure reducer, if pressure gets too much, it will push the spring up (as when you do it manually by moving the lever into open position) and it relieves the pressure. Or why does it have that release there for? it's under sink tank, so turning the valve on does absolutely nothing as all the water is below the valve. But can you please answer my question, is it needed or not? Personally I don't see any use for it in my case, but I'd like to be sure. thanks.
  10. Quite sure I got everything I need, however I have one quick question. Do I need to install this 1 way valve for new heater? (pls read below before replying). I ask, because I already have similar thing between the current cold water pipe. It's about 60cm from where I want to install the new heater. This is what i have: Would just like to know if the current one is enough. I would install both, but space is quite limited and it would be better if I don't have to install it. Thanks.
  11. hmm indeed it's 450w in manual, I don't know why I remembered 500w, maybe because when I checked via smart plug, it went up by 500w. I guess not everything is as precise as it says in manual. anyway I got my new heater just today and I also ordered simple flexi pipes from 1/2 to 10mm, just matter of installing now. Before I go on installing it, do I need that 1 way / pressure reducer valve? I refer to this valve my heater came with one and it indicates I should put it on input (cold water) and as I understand in normal house hold it's needed for over pressure and to prevent hot water from going back into cold pipe as it heats up, but my camper already has one built into the cold water pipe and the drainage pipe goes straight outside through the floor, so do I still need it? Thanks.
  12. Thanks @ everyone who have given me valueable info regarding the connectors and pipes. However I decided not to take any risks and took the pipe off and measured it. It was far easier than I thought, the fittings were basically hand tightened and refitting gave me no problems or leaks. Indeed it's 12mm outside and 10mm inside. I'll get some extra pipe and correct fittings and will try to remember to come back and post some pics once I have fitted the new heater.
  13. Sorry for so many questions, would this work? https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07NW4W8CY If not, can someone please take a look at the different types this listing has and point me to right one. One I linked is 12mm to 1/2 female, BUT my caravan pipe is 12mm from outside right? so it means 10mm inside? One seen on the pictures above, is 12mm to 3/8 and as seen above, it looks like 12mm would fit my pipes. My guess is that I should go for the 10mm one as inside of pipe is smaller, but I'm not sure if I'm able to push that pipe onto 12mm. I can't afford to order wrong stuff at this point. Thanks again.
  14. Yeah I just realized it's from side to side and easier to measure. But I also realized I might actually have the fittings, I started looking on amazon for 12mm to 1/2 and all I find is garden hose connectors, it seems like it's same as regular garden hose? While ago I did my aquaroll and I bought regular EU filling device (don't know what it's called, the thing inside aquaroll) and it uses the regular tap connector (1/2 inch?). It looks like 12mm slide on, but I'm not sure if caravan pipes go around it, i'd have to actually disconnect my current heater, but it would mean no water .. so I can't do that yet. Can anyone please take a look at the pictures and let me know if that's what I need. Thanks. EDIT: sorry nvm. It's 1/4 thread, but same seller has 1/2 to 12mm (same one as on my pics). So I guess that's the one?
  15. I think it's same then, visually it looks same too. How would I go about measuring if my pipes are also 12mm? Can I just wrap piece of something around the pipe and make a mark on it with marker or pencil and then put it flat on tape measure? I mean is the 12mm the outside diameter? I'm guessing inside doesn't really matter if I'm gonna get a push fit, since push fit goes around it and not inside, right? and well yes, I don't plan on removing the old tank, I just want to disconnect pipes from it and put them into new one. should be easy enough. Thanks for confirming. I think that's safe to say that rest of EU uses same then. Thanks again everyone for the info, I think I have enough info to get the parts! I'm going with the 1500w 15l tank and 12mm to 1/2 push fits. Just in case I'll wait couple more days to see if i get reply from Coachman. I also contacted the person who sold me caravan (small refurbishing / repair company) and hopefully they'll confirm that it's 12mm.
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