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  1. Exactly Laurent. PayPal and ebay will wash their hands when it comes to motors etc. Buying on ebay is tempting. You see photos etc, look from home, but not always safe. Luckily the van I got was around 3k only. I think government or police should do more in terms of caravan safety and thefts. Logbooks should be mandatory. CRiS isn't simply enough. This may stop some dodgy no-name dealers. I was in car trade for a while around 10 years ago. I had to pay trade insurance, trade plates, keep my books up to date, update MID etc. Should be same with caravans. It would stop people li
  2. It may be them actually. Besides, never seen a traveller driving 06 saab lmfao so chances are high. I wonder how many vans are not even checked with basic 15quid CRiS check and sold to unaware customers. Where in fact they could be stolen. Reg of their Saab was KF06 UTT - nothing goes missing when it goes in the net.
  3. Yes mate, but sometimes you travel couple hundred of miles and you discover damp later on. The whole point here is that this guy is clearly rogue trading. How would you explain over 30 ebay accounts? It took me 2 months to observe all of them. He has some negative feedbacks for caravans sold. His actions are clearly to avoid any responsibility for things he is selling !!! He is also avoiding paying taxes or giving you any sort of warranty. This post is to warn people of such chavs. Laurent, if you think that sort of dealing is okay, then all the dealers should start working that way. I've re
  4. I think police won't do much - too busy with Covid ;-). May need to call 101 and report it to a Local Crime Reduction Officer as one of my mates did about rogue trader. Will try ebay and see what they say, but most likely "we get the fees, we all good" lmao.
  5. Hi folks, Bought a caravan couple of months ago from a chap on ebay. Caravan was in storage at pe67sa and he was claiming it's a private sale etc. No warranty no returns. Caravan of course not as described with damp. No refund or return. After some ebay investigation 'I've found out that he is actually selling caravans under over 30 different nicknames to avoid tax or accept returns. He either drives 17 plate Seat Alhambra or 06 saab estate. His name is Janusz W and he has a mate that helps him too. Nicknames they operate under - agso_14, agsok, alde-7899, aldud_0, anno.2012, anslo
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