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  1. Can anyone help with how to wire the oven up to the apco ignition generator (blue box) please - very little available info on the internet regarding actually wiring them thank you
  2. Thank you for your reply. I actually posted on behalf of my partner who’s doing the works. He’s pretty competent and that was his gut feeling he just wanted to check. No gas in the caravan at the moment (he’s rebuilding it from a shell) but he won’t take chances - it’ll all get professionally checked as he goes along thanks
  3. Can someone please help? I’m trying to reinstall the above fridge (it wasn’t me who took it out) Can someone help me with wiring the 240 and 12 volt please? thank you
  4. Thank you I have looked at that and considered it. I think it may be worthwhile due to the difficulty in finding technical info online about the van
  5. We were just checking it was within the limits of our tow car (it is easily) and noticed the limits for the car varied according to whether the towed thing in question had brakes or not - we didn’t know the definitive answer so thought we’d ask Ah right thank you. And absolutely - a service is booked in just to be sure
  6. Thank you both for replying - wisp man - I just googled a rephrase of your reply - thanks for confirming!
  7. Thank you all - Very much appreciated and glad I waS proved wrong with the title. The title came from complete exhaustion of trying the find the answer on the internet. I’m surprised anyone knew as the van seems apparently too old to find any useful technical info....... although we’ve got lucky (we’ve only just bought it) and it’s been obviously very well looked after all it’s life it also seems to have been retrofitted with certain bits and There’s just a few niggles to iron out before taking it out with our previous caravans we always packed the toolkit before the clothe
  8. Hi I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but could anyone tell me does the Bessacarr twin axle 470/2 1994 Have brakes? thank you
  9. Hello we have a Bessacarr 470/2 1994 with the original control panel the panel has water pump on right, middle says battery meter and left switch says car, off, van. sooooo can anyone tell me if this van charges the battery when the van is plugged into the mains thank you for reading internet pic for clarity
  10. Just felt it appropriate to say thank you both - I managed to get it sorted today. We live in a small village with our house in full view of the entire village. I fear a video of me getting cobby while I was out in the less than favourable weather adjusting the dish with the wire going through the window may go viral sometime soon.......
  11. Hello we've managed to find a 1994 Bessacarr Cameo 470/2 1994 in excellent condition having taken an extended break for caravanning but after hours of searching on internet I cannot find which lock will fit the hitch i believe the hitch is an aks 2700 and it’s the original one - I attach a pic for reference can anyone advise the best hitchlock please? Thank you
  12. It might not be but It looks too new. It’s not really a water tank more like a water container/square barrel. The hose connection comes out through the floor of the van and has been siliconed around. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ original the hose just hangs down under the van and it came with a new blue concertina hose which connects via a standard hose lock - just doesn’t look ‘finished’ in the sense that usually with a caravan everything sort of tucks away
  13. Hi After a long break we have just got ourselves a new (to us) caravan its as title, a 1994 Bessacarr Cameo 470/2 (yes really) luckily it’s been really well looked after l..... it has an on board water tank which we assume has been retro fitted and all works great. However, you can only fill it using a hose. so the work around is easy enough aquaroll/pump/hose connection but my question (finally) is what was the original water set up for this van as there is no evidence of the traditional hatch with pump that’s standard in a lot of van
  14. Ah ha - yes it is and I’ve not done that! do you know last time I can remember having to do something to get the box to work but I couldnt remember for the life of me what it was..... I shall remind myself what I need to do (no idea how I survived before google...) and have a go at that tomorrow thank you hmmm yes I’m using an inline signal meter (the noise drives you potty after a while) and have been using a similar app (dish align) which projects a similarly distracting noise.... but I get you - maybe more fine tweaking is required to kic
  15. Hello New here, first post so er Hi! Having had a long break from caravans we’ve just bought a new (to us) lovely little van We’ve just set up a tevion Freesat system (The type that folds up into a case) and after multiple arguments, a few hysterics and a couple of divorce threats we’ve got it working fine My problem is that I can’t get it to work when I ditch the box that came with the set and try and connect my sky+hd box a few years ago we rigged up a system with a huge dish (eBay), a scaffold pole and our sky box from the house
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