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  1. I agree they aren’t all brilliant and some sites are better than others. But actually I don’t find them useful and give an idea of the site. I’m not suggesting I solely use these to book sites but they’re more helpful than nothing! *do
  2. Firstly great to hear you’ve bought a caravan and good luck . I too have travelled the world and stayed in some nice places but agree you there is something special about caravan adventures. It may come with some of these but worth a check - — submersible pump - bags for your aquaroll Helps keep caravan clean when storing - small tool set including screwdrivers, gas bottle wrench, torque wrench for wheel nuts, jack (kojack), club hammer, Swiss Army knife, head torch,wd40 - caravan sat nav (not essential but makes life easier) -25 metre hookup -pureclea
  3. Still no photos of sites Just a picture of a bloke carrying kid I’ve reported it to cmc web team
  4. Same for me now! Interesting it could be.
  5. Thought it was just me, I think they might have done an update. Very frustrating as planning next years trip and can’t see photos of sites!
  6. Hi the CMC app doesn’t show photos of sites and the help pages have nothing on them is it me or is there a problem with it?
  7. Pirelli p zer yes accidentally posted for some reason! I’ve got Pirelli p zeros. More of a general road tyre than for off road but have performed better than the scorpions which I had previously. Can cope well with light off road. Let’s all be honest how much real off road are we doing. I’m not driving across the kalahari!
  8. This is what I was looking at https://magnummotorhomes.co.uk/shop/electrical/cbe-sockets-switches/cbe-dimmer-switch/
  9. Bauker 18v from toolstation - nice and light, powerful enough
  10. Thank you all for the replies. I think what I’m reading is no without a bit of work! I saw the cbe switch and thought it maybe a straightforward swap for the basic switch but clearly not. I’ll look at the options but I like the idea of creating mood lighting with rgb
  11. Hi i have high level strip led lighting above cupboards - factory fitted 2015 compass rallye. Can these be dimmed with the the cbe dimmer switch?
  12. Already had a full service and full damp report completed and very sound!
  13. We bought a 2nd hand 2015 compass rallye which is a good spec but in some areas showing it’s age and lacking some simple enhancements. Here’s what I’ve done to enhance it. just some ideas for those looking to enhance their vans. - changed all socket surrounds for square black gloss - new curtains and cushion covers (personal preference) - fitted external temperature sensor to alde - replaced alde panel surround with gloss black ( personal preference) - fitted battery back up for alde panel to remember settings -upgraded radio speakers to JL Audio - up
  14. Really sorry but most of this has gone over my head. I’m not particularly technical when it comes to things like this. All I know is the avtex bee sting usesless. I think I’ll just use the Freesat radio 😣
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