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  1. Looking at it I guess it's a fairly simple board so I could just take it somewhere and get it replicated - probably be cheaper than finding a replacement part.
  2. Great thanks for those replies, got somewhere to start now. I’m also trying to get find this part from the primus heating / hot water system, it connects directly to the control panel for the primus system. The control panel was dead when I got the caravan and then I found this part was burnt out. It’s mounted on the white part (pump?) in the photo.
  3. Hi all, I’ve recently bought a 1996 Abi Award Superstar and I’ve had a few electrical problems with it. Most of them are sorted now but I’ve got a strange problem with the thetford cassette where when I press down on the flush button nothing happens at all but the car / van led on the power panel changes from green to red. What does this mean? The fuse for the cassette is ok and power is getting to the wiring but it doesn’t even try to flush. Thanks in advance, Mike
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