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  1. thanks for ya replies, I'll have a look at the car cable when my wife returns, sure I did continuity on the earth but I'll double check..
  2. Thanks for the reply. In this case as my wife is away with the tow car I decided to check again with a fully charged spare battery so alleviating the car. Battery still showing full as I checked the drop. Thans Yes David done that previously. Thanks Also hooked up to my neighbours car too. Same. Oh did forget to mention, turned the 12v lights on to see if they went off when hooked to car and they were going on and off with the relay.
  3. Hello everyone, 2005 Bailey Ranger 460/2. I have a bit of a problem when on car hook up I'm only getting 8.4v going to the fridge. last few days I've been going through usual scenarios like checking fuses, continuity etc. by the way I changed the caravan from 2 cables and plugs to the 13pin and all is as it should be. the problem was still there before I did the Mod so nothing to do with that..The voltage from the car socket is 12.7v, found the grey cable coming into the van and that is reading 12.6v. From the fused side to the fridge cable at the side of consumer unit it's showing 8.4v and i
  4. I got back from a weeks fishing last week near Thirsk, had some proper thunderstorms and heavy rain, Only the second time out with the Dorema Mistral Porch awning, First outing no rain so all well, Thirsk was a different story, weather as stated above but the awning stayed dry throughout. bit windy at times but didn't even have to pop the storm straps on,. and not a Guy rope in site,
  5. Just to add, at 73 and 70 in a couple of months myself and wifey had our first Jabs last Sunday, so feeling a lot happier at the mo...
  6. Hello Wildwood. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the external roof, as I said in my original post a new panel had been replaced although not very well.. the first thing I checked was the roof. And the front cross strip on the offside had been re-sealed with some standard silicone which had disintegrated. That had then lead to the ingress at the front. As in the pic above the basin that ingress was caused where the 2 halves of the awning rail meet. No sealant on there and I could pop a biro down the top bit. All rails were sealed before I started the inside. In fact anything that’s scr
  7. Thanks Knauscol. Helps having an engineering background b4 retirement and being a bit handy. No better time to do the work as we aint got anywhere to go. Pic is the finished job except for the seat cushions that are at the upholsters.
  8. Well after drying off and replacing most of the timber it was time to pop the new panels back on. after several phone calls and numerous hours searching for the same pattern wallboards (Bailey Flax)that are now extinct apparently . Spoke to a guy at Halesowen caravan spares and he couldn't understand why Bailey decided not to produce the most popular wallboard ever was beyond him.. So it was then another few days searching for something very similar. Panels and tape arrived and fitted. Awning rail resealed plus the roof strips.. new window rubbers and seals. cupboards fitted but lea
  9. Hello. bought the Bailey a while back knowing it had a few issues, 1. thought there may be some damp on the front offside, it's had a new panel on the front offside section but looked a little bodged. so I presumed whoever did this wasn't a professional , so suspected underneath the panel could be the same. 2. the Remi roof light was the usual plastic age hardening cracks n bits falling off, so replaced that with similar unit.. So anyway I had the van serviced which according to the sticker on the A frame cover would have been it's first since 2012. I had replaced the friction pads on
  10. So I bought the mistral with a few extras thrown in, now a happy Chappy.. and the seller was a real gentleman...
  11. So yesterday afternoon my neighbour popped round with his Kampa 260 air pro, said have a go at putting it up, Ok I said.....Er, er, so now I'm gonna get what I thought would be a better bet for my age to assemble..........So off again shortly, going to look at a used Dorema Mistral..
  12. Finally shelled out for a very nice used (great price) Kampa rally air pro 260. inc accessories.. thanks again for all the great replies. well after going to collect the above and seller stating no issues, opened the bag to check and it was wet through and the smell of whatever..after a few mumbles from him about don't know why it was like it I promptly drove off.. search continues..
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