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  1. Excellent replies, thanks! I think as a first port of call I will remove the kitchen tap and inspect it, they are inexpensive and readily available at a local caravan dealer so if I replace the kitchen tap and the problem persists I'll go from there. I'll update the post in case anyone comes across the same gremlin in the future. I've attached a picture of said tap
  2. Looks like you are both right, I just had a closer look at the taps and under the cap is a small white microswitch and two wires, do the taps have a flow valve in them too or is that in the pump?
  3. Has anyone else had water coming out of both taps when they turn on the bathroom tap, but when turning the kitchen tap on, all is well. It's a 90's Elddis with what I believe to be a Carver water pump.
  4. I don't blame you for doing your research, a little homework can save you £££, but don't let worry lead the charge when shopping for a van, so long as you know the important criteria- weight, layout, price etc, then the van itself should be a purchase made by the heart over the head. We bought ours blindly online because of its looks, taking only it's weight and budget into consideration before paying up. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it that way, but just enjoy the ride and get yourself the van you want
  5. I've tried a search but no topic has answered our question exactly, so here we are wondering; Should we turn on our in-van charger once hooked up to the site? Our van is a 90's Elddis with 12v circuit for interior lights and 240 EHU for sockets. We haven't bought a fit and forget charger as of yet, so to save us losing lights, should we use the van charger under the sofa to keep the battery topped up overnight? The battery is brand new. Many thanks
  6. Dodgy

    Flappy flap

    For anyone else who has an older style water pump door that has a rubbish single clip retainer, here's how I stopped ours from constantly flapping open on the motorway. Two cone washers bolted through the bodywork, to be held together by a rubber band - Easy to open, easy to secure while on the move
  7. Hearty hello to you all Me and my significant other have adopted a 1992 Elddis Wisp 300/2 as our first van and hope to gain advice and contribute where possible.
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