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  1. Is my pigtail 27mm though? I thought it was 21mm?
  2. I have a male hose that fits into a propane bottle that has a female fitting. I've just bought a 15kg butane bottle that has the clip style fitting at the top. Can I buy an adaptor for this? I've seen a thread on this but it the male/female connector is in reverse.
  3. I managed to book a week at the end of this month at Glen Nevis so thanks to Susan for that. Depending on where the person next to me pitches their caravan they told me my awning might have to be on hard standing so will need rock pegs. Where's the best place to get these from?
  4. I don't think you've fully read my post mate. I've had a couple of these. I find they don't last that long.
  5. Check the sockets which connect the caravan to the car. These are also prone to corrosion. I had a problem a few weeks ago where I couldn't get the left indicator to come on. It took an hour to figure out it was a dodgy connection in the trailer socket (yellow wire)
  6. The problem with converting my caravan to 13 pin is I didn't think it was relevant to mention at the time I use a trailer at my work which is 7 pin so I used the 13 - 7 pin adaptor. I think the problem is these aren't meant to be used daily and I'm now on my third one in a year. I know the best option is to change the work trailer to 13 pin but I'm not allowed to touch it and I'd have to remove all my gear inside to get it into the workshop for our mechanics to change it. Problem is it will sit there for at least two weeks. Second thoughts I think I'll take your advice and change it back to 13 pin and convert my caravan sockets. I assume you just feed both cables from the caravan (Black and grey) into one 13 pin socket?
  7. Susan that Glen Nevis website is confusing. It states the available dates are marked in green but when I click on 7 days from 11th July it states no units available.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. My son arrived back in the UK yesterday but has to isolate for 10 days and he still doesn't know when his leave is 😒. So I'll need to leave it until he lets me know. Susan Glen Nevis sounds good so I'll give it a look. Mal Skye's a wee bit far for me at the moment. I do have a particular affection for Grannies up in Dornoch but the fishing wasn't great last time I was about 8yrs ago so my son's not keen.
  9. I had a 13 pin trailer socket on my car. My Caravan has two standard sockets one black and one grey. I was using an adaptor but I’ve found they aren’t that reliable so I want to revert to a 7 pin 12N (black) and a 7 pin 12S (Grey) sockets on my car. I’ve managed to wire up the black 12N socket fine but I’m having difficulty wiring up the grey 12S socket. The 13 pin wiring is: 8 Pink Reverse 9 Orange Permanent Power 10 Grey Switch Supply 11 White/Black Earth 12 None Not Allocated 13 White/Red Earth The 12S socket wiring diagram is: Yellow1 Reversing Light Blue 2 Battery White 3 Earth Green 4 Power Supply Brown 5 Sensing Device Red 6 Fridge Black 7 Earth Now obviously the pink wire (8) is reverse and that goes into pin 1. I’m stumped what the rest are especially since there are two earths. Can someone help please?
  10. Sorry I forgot about this 😂 The guy at Kingdom Caravans in Kincardine reckons it's a tv aerial as some of you suspected.
  11. A year late but just an update on this. The fault ended up being the 240v fridge element which was tripping the mcb. So it wasn't the battery charger after all.
  12. I bought a caravan last year but haven't been away in it yet as I had to rectify a few faults with it and I needed to buy an awning. Now this is all all sorted I'm looking to get away mid July with my son who's currently serving in Afghanistan. I couldn't get anywhere booked as he wasn't sure when his leave would be but he just told me he'll be home in a few days. I've looked at a few sites but it looks chocabloc due to staycations so I might need to leave it until later. So I have a few questions. Are there any sites that show availability or do I have to systematically sift through each site i.e Parkdean etc? Is it worth joining these caravan clubs? If so which one is best?
  13. Someone told me a while back they chain the hitch on to the tow bar and drive away to a quieter place where they remove the hitchlock with an angle grinder. I'm guessing that's what they did with yours and it was more difficult to remove the wheel clamps. Sorry all the same. It's ***** when thieving twits nick your property.
  14. I know this is out of a lot of peoples price range but this is a thing of beauty. It has a desulfator facility to restore old batteries and can charge batteries from 2v. As many know it's difficult to bring a battery back if it falls under a certain voltage. I bought it a while back on sale and it's paid for itself now. https://no.co/g26000 There's cheaper ones available.
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