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  1. Someone told me a while back they chain the hitch on to the tow bar and drive away to a quieter place where they remove the hitchlock with an angle grinder. I'm guessing that's what they did with yours and it was more difficult to remove the wheel clamps. Sorry all the same. It's ***** when thieving twits nick your property.
  2. I know this is out of a lot of peoples price range but this is a thing of beauty. It has a desulfator facility to restore old batteries and can charge batteries from 2v. As many know it's difficult to bring a battery back if it falls under a certain voltage. I bought it a while back on sale and it's paid for itself now. https://no.co/g26000 There's cheaper ones available.
  3. My work bought it for me so I wasn't bothered about price. I have electrical connectors inside roadside cabinet boxes. I tried everything and as I said before this is the only thing that works. Everything else I've tried has been rubbish. Buy cheap buy twice.
  4. Zero! It's on red. I'll have a look tomorrow. I'll remove the battery and charge up with my Noco intelli battery charger and see what happens.
  5. Sorry for the delay guys. It's been a hectic week and it's been pouring. One day it will stop raining....I hope.
  6. There was a conversation on here about which was the best lubricant to stop electrical connections corroding. Some recommended WD-40 but this is the best stuff. https://www.silmid.com/lubricants/synthetic-lubricants/nye-nyogel-760g-100gm-tube/ I discovered it about ten years ago and use it regularly. It's never let me down.
  7. Every time I switch on the battery charger it trips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3dcEFmBwww&t=305s
  8. I looked into getting one repaired as a replacement couldn't be sourced. I was quoted over £400
  9. I've had a few travellers knock on my door asking if my trailer is for sale. Of course it's only an excuse to check if I'm at home and have a closer look at my security. I have cameras all over the place and two locks on my trailer. of course it won't stop a determined thief wearing a hood but touch wood nothings happened so far. I saw a caravan on Facebook marketplace last month. It was stored in a caravan park in Edinburgh. The seller then began to tell me the caravan was his mates but he was in hospital and he travelled around caravan parks doing odd jobs for the owners. he to
  10. I hope it's a TV aerial and not brake related. It's been pouring down all day so I'll wait until Thursday and have a proper look.
  11. Would all AL-KO hitch locks fit or are same specific to certain models?
  12. Are AL-KO hitches all the same or are there different models?
  13. I'll wait until it's the weather is dry and see where it leads to.
  14. Underneath the caravan. Too wet though to get under just now so I thought someone would know.
  15. First week into my new caravan and terrified of it getting nicked. I bought a stoplock wheel clamp for it a few days ago but want to put a hitch lock on it as well. I saw a second hand one. The seller said he used it for his Winterhoff hitch so not sure if it would fit mine.
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