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  1. Had a look at a 10 year old Bailey 462 and found the dredded Bailey floor rot issue. Shame it was a really nice little van...
  2. Well I didn't need my damp meter - I could push my finger into the ply floor! I actually felt gutted for the owner, who didn't know anythnig about this issue. The rest of the van was mint, looked more like a 3-4 year old instead of 10 years old. I found soft ply all along the front edge, about 10-15mm wide. Also some on one back corner. It looks like the floor is actually a ply/foam/ply sandwich and the ply is only 6mm thick? I didn't bother asking to unscrew the locker trays, I'm not sure any seller would let you do that unless they knew what yo
  3. Thanks everyone! Going to have a look tomorrow. Raining today, so I guess any damp in the floor will show up well on the meter.
  4. I've read the inspection guide and have a damp meter, DVM, mains tester etc. I've heard about the damp floor issues on some alu-tech vans too. So I'll be looking at the underside as much as possible. Are the four corners the most likely areas to suffer rot? Anywhere inside I need to look? back corners of floor level lockers I guess? I haven't much experience of these, so any pointers of specific areas I should look on this age and model? Cheers,
  5. Looking for a 2 berth, light enough to tow with a 1.6 diesel ford focus (1200kg all up ) Something used, up to 10 years old, under £7k-£8k. End washroom. Was looking at a Bailey Olympus 462 but the damp floor issues put me off a bit? Anything that stands out as a go to buy for these requirements? Cheers!
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