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  1. Is it normal to hear the transformer whizzing round inside the unit? I’ve checked this morning and the consumer unit is firmly attached. Perhaps I’m being super sensitive
  2. Lunar quasar 2007 when we are hooked up to electric and we use the lights which would normally run off the battery, the little round down lighters the noise comes from battery side of the caravan thank you
  3. Can anyone please tell me why there is a quiet motor noise outside when we turn on certain lights. Is it something to do with the electricity charging the battery and should we be able to hear this? Thank you.
  4. The ceiling strips are beginning to curl and I thought it would be an easy job of just gluing them down again. Don’t know if I have the right glue but my first attempt wasn’t successful! I’ve investigated this problem and apparently it’s recommended to replace the strips with D moulds. Is this the best solution and how are the moulds fixed to the ceiling? Many thanks 😊
  5. My water pump switches itself on sporadically when all the taps are closed. Is this usual?
  6. Just enjoyed first outing in our recently purchased Lunar Quasar EB. I took great care in closing all the latches during transit but have noticed that the main roof window latches don’t remain closed when we’re on the move. What can I do to stop it from opening whilst we’re driving please. Thank you.
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