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  1. Facebook market place, I got a Bosch 14v for £5 but buyer beware as it could be a ‘hot item’. Do your research on the seller if they have become a member really recently it’s a red flag. Look at their feedback (yes you can do this on Facebook), look at their posts, is there anything on them that could give a red flag. For steadies you don’t need an expensive high end, high torque drill just something that will bring 4 down and 4 up in one trip.
  2. I have a quick question. I need a new gas strut for my front locker. I have found the one I need but on trying to order it, the website is asking what N strength I need between 50-400N. I know N stands for Newton’s but I have no idea what I’ll need. Does anyone know?
  3. Sorry missed this on OP it’s a 7 pin socket. Just given the connections a clean with some isopropyl and ever so slightly opened the pins on the cycle carrier (caravan in storage at the mo) connected it up and bingo no wiggling or jiggling needed. Could it have been as simple as that?
  4. Long story short, do I have a loose connection? hitched the caravan for a trip out the other day and went through all my light tests (wife stood behind van telling me what lights are working) and everything was working fine. On the way back home did the same test but this time the indicators were acting strangely. Right wasn’t working and when I put left indicator on the vans hazards started flashing. Took about 10 mins of detaching and replacing and a bit of wiggling to get it working. I had the same issue with a towball mounted cycle carrier, indicators were not working properly. So is
  5. Nice one all, thanks for your help, I think I’m going to pick up the A47 at Peterborough.
  6. We are off to Norfolk (just north of Great Yarmouth) travelling from Nottingham. Got 2 choices A47 or A11 (I hope I’ve got that right) I am not a very experienced tower and was wondering which one would be the best route. The A47 route is quicker and shorter but I’m unsure how much single lane it will be as I would prefer a dual carriageway if possible.
  7. Sorry guys I’m a bit new to all this. I want to calculate the ideal nose weight to tow at. I’ve had a good google search around and get differing numbers. I believe that it can have a nose weight of 140kg but then looking at another site it states 110kg. I have an Elddis Chatsworth 646 2012. It has an unladen weight of 1498kg and Max laden weight of 1700kg so am I right in calculating that nose weight should be 7% of caravan weight so anywhere between 105kg and 119kg. So do I just weigh all the stuff I’ve put in and do the calculation from then? Any help would be great.
  8. Thanks for the link to Tayna they seem the best priced for what you get. Choice has been made, it will be the yuasa 115aH https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/yuasa/l35-115/ plus a bonus 10% off as I am a member of CMC yippee. No thread needed, job done
  9. So it’s battery shopping time. I’ve been looking and boy what a minefield getting a new battery is, so what battery......... that will be for another thread. Thanks for everyone’s help and being patient to an absolute novice like me.
  10. So a quick update. The battery has been on a CTek charger for 48hours and the green 7 was lit up and while on charge on number 7 was reading 12.6v. Just taken it off charge and took reading 5 mins later and it was reading 11.2v. I’m going to leave it for a couple of hours and retest but it’s not looking good for the battery. ☹️
  11. I’ll have a look and make sure the heater is off, thanks for this.
  12. Massive thanks to everyone who has contributed. In the end I bought a multimeter and went to the van, unscrew a metal covering to find what I think is my alarm battery back up. Took a measure and it was reading 12.47v so seems ok. I took out the leisure battery and alarm worked fine so it should be good for a while. Took the leisure battery home, took a reading 9.5v not good at all, so have purchased a CTek charger (same day delivery) so will put the battery on recond mode and see what happens. So I’m safe in the knowledge that the van is stilled alarmed and I can recharge a battery should I n
  13. Thanks for all of your replies. I think I’m going to hook up a solar power unit to it, and if that doesn’t work, then new battery (at least I would have a solar unit to use).
  14. How do I do this, sorry I really know nothing. Could I do it by opening the door with the alarm on?
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