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  1. So I am wanting to keep my battery topped up during storage, the only thing that I can think of that drains the battery is the alarm. I have a 105ah battery and I have to take it out and bring it home every 6 weeks to charge. Should I just keep doing this or get a solar panel to do the job for me? I am possibly going to get a motor mover so would need a decent charge in the battery so do I get something like this? https://www.towsure.com/milenco-solar-optimate-charger?gclid=CjwKCAjwhYOFBhBkEiwASF3KGe2tJZlo8cvUfb33UGwoLgh8NH9ogFQfDN-BXKfcgGh9QCfjq6MbHRoClPcQAvD_BwE or something more like
  2. Thanks guys, my father in law has a separate garage so I’ll use that one. have a great day all and thanks for the replies
  3. Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but on the 12th April we are going to set our van up in the in laws garden so we can see them (finally). If we hook up to the house mains (I have an adapter) is this: a. Safe b. What is the amp limit as you can tell I know very little about electrics. Only having been on normal camp site pitches and used the normal hook up.
  4. That’s the one, so it’s just a case of a bit of 12mm pipe? Any other fitting required?
  5. Surge damper. I’ve not heard of these, thanks for pointing it out. I shall have another look for the filter. Where is a ‘normal’ place to have these then, near the kitchen tap?
  6. Sorry if this has been covered before. we are new to caravaning and wanted to sterilise the water system. I have watched some videos on how to do it so that is all ok, but most people say we need to remove the water filter. Our filter on our Chatsworth 646 is inside the van under the seat, I assume it is an inline filter. How do I go about bypassing the filter as apparently the Puriclean will break down the filtration material in the filter. I will probably get a new filter as well while I’m at it.
  7. Sorry if this has been asked (and answered) before. I have my caravan in storage 12 miles from my house. Can I visit my caravan to check the battery during this current lockdown?
  8. Facebook market place, I got a Bosch 14v for £5 but buyer beware as it could be a ‘hot item’. Do your research on the seller if they have become a member really recently it’s a red flag. Look at their feedback (yes you can do this on Facebook), look at their posts, is there anything on them that could give a red flag. For steadies you don’t need an expensive high end, high torque drill just something that will bring 4 down and 4 up in one trip.
  9. I have a quick question. I need a new gas strut for my front locker. I have found the one I need but on trying to order it, the website is asking what N strength I need between 50-400N. I know N stands for Newton’s but I have no idea what I’ll need. Does anyone know?
  10. Sorry missed this on OP it’s a 7 pin socket. Just given the connections a clean with some isopropyl and ever so slightly opened the pins on the cycle carrier (caravan in storage at the mo) connected it up and bingo no wiggling or jiggling needed. Could it have been as simple as that?
  11. Long story short, do I have a loose connection? hitched the caravan for a trip out the other day and went through all my light tests (wife stood behind van telling me what lights are working) and everything was working fine. On the way back home did the same test but this time the indicators were acting strangely. Right wasn’t working and when I put left indicator on the vans hazards started flashing. Took about 10 mins of detaching and replacing and a bit of wiggling to get it working. I had the same issue with a towball mounted cycle carrier, indicators were not working properly. So is
  12. Nice one all, thanks for your help, I think I’m going to pick up the A47 at Peterborough.
  13. We are off to Norfolk (just north of Great Yarmouth) travelling from Nottingham. Got 2 choices A47 or A11 (I hope I’ve got that right) I am not a very experienced tower and was wondering which one would be the best route. The A47 route is quicker and shorter but I’m unsure how much single lane it will be as I would prefer a dual carriageway if possible.
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