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  1. Does anyone know the prices of the test I might take it to be on safe sinde
  2. Thanks nice little tip thank you
  3. So your bang on the limit really if I get this new car takes me over by .68kg really annoying
  4. So I've decided to trade my car in for a Volkswagen passet 2.0L automatic if its to heavy for me to tow then so be it, have to take the test if that doesn't pull I Give up haha
  5. I do like Skoda this is the problem only had car for a year so it s like new to me but the car wife was looking at is a 2.0ltr cmax that's automatic says can pull same but like mentioned sometimes doesn't work like that
  6. Its a Skoda Octavia 1.6TDI 65 plate
  7. So the mtplm 1,448kg and the revenue weight of the vehicle is 1,855kg does state on the V5 that it would pull upto 1,500kg
  8. Hello Hope anyone could help me, I currently have a Skoda 1.6TDI diesel and its a manual, And looking to Tow a caravan, The problem is I don't have a tow bar on yet and wondering I should invest in a 2.0Ltr automatic again diesel or stick with my current car, They both pull 1500 max weight I'm worried about hills etc.. I don't want to put a Tow bar on if I'm struggling. The caravan I've just bought is a abbey GTS. wondering what the difference would be between the 2 cars. Any information would be most grateful. Thanks again
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