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  1. Hi. I'm currently performing repairs to the front window frames on my old Elddis Elf. Its a 1997 that's otherwise in very good condition. Some cracks have appeared just above the three front windows (middle window) and has rotted the frame between the windows. I've dismantled all the stuff inside to insert the new made frame but I'll need to repair the cracks (two) before I fit the new frame. I can sort that ok but now I'm looking forward to when I re-fit the rubber seals to the body. My question is, what do I use in the way of sealant between the body and the seals? I bo
  2. Thanks Gordon. I only have one wheel on my mover. I have a small caravan so it didn't warrant an axle mover. I like the look of that tractor like tyre you have there if the overall diameter is 8 3/4". If you were going to buy a new one, where would you go to buy it? A usual tyre shop or back to the place you bought the mover from?
  3. Hi all. I have one of those movers that attach to the "A" frame where the jockey wheel is and I'm wondering where people buy their tyres from for these type of movers. I've seen a lot of examples on eBay for mobility scooters and the like but I'm not sure they are the correct tyre for moving a caravan. Size is 280/2.50-4 Any advice welcome. Thanks
  4. Hi, yes, they are also expensive but the market is saturated with second-hand examples. If I knew one of them would fit I might buy one but as I say, apparently, they don't fit my van.
  5. Thanks for all that useful information Paul. The Centaur clamp looks really good, but expensive. One day perhaps! My 96 Elf does have an AL-KO chassis but is quite elderly so the modern AL-KO locks don't fit. It does have the anti-sway hitch though. If I change the wheels for the alloy jobs with recessed bolt heads I may make some headway but at the moment the Maypole clamp looks like it would do the job for about £35. The van doesn't sit out front much (its usually behind seven foot locked gates) but it would be handy to clamp it on the occasions I can't put it away.
  6. I had no idea there would be so many variants of locks. Nut locks are really easy to remove with the removal kit from eBay. I need a model that caters for the wheel width as a lot of the locks that cover the nuts can be dragged forward on a narrow wheel and exposes the nuts so maybe something that's adjustable? Looking now at Maypole to see what they have. Also.....As it looks like just about everyone and their mum are now going for a small caravan to just get away at the moment, these very nice, easy to tow caravans are gaining popularity, so the idea you could just leave it on the drive
  7. Thanks, yes I was looking at one of those but it was missing the lollypop that covers the wheel centre. A lot of the sellers are reluctant to ship as well, I shipped an ally V6 engine block last week 22kg. Cant see the problem with a wheel lock! Hi Stevan. I see your point entirely but when it comes to insuring it the premium starts to rocket if your security is not up to scratch.
  8. Well I'm looking all over the place. There are a few that are similar to the AL-KO so I doubt they would work but being a starter at all this (this is our first van) I was hoping for some pointers on this. I can find some that would more than stop the wheel from turning, but they don't cover any wheel nuts.
  9. Thanks for the reply. So I'll probably have to buy one of the wrap-round type. But they do look a bit flimsy and easy to remove by a thief.
  10. Hi all. I want a AL-KO wheel lock for our 1996 Elddis Elf. I've noticed that there are loads of different size locks for different caravans about so its a bit of a minefield to say the least. Also, I notice that the AL-KO website only goes back to about 2002 when I tried to glean some info as to exactly which lock size would fit our old van. Am I picking the wrong type of lock for this van, or are there other makes of lock that would suit our van better? I want something compact as I think we lug enough weight about when we eventually get to go away! Thanks. S
  11. Thanks Gordon. I'll give it a try on the ally strip. Where did the vinyl tape come from? Its pretty wide and the stuff that's on there hasn't lifted at all so must be a 3M product or something.
  12. Thanks for that Gordon. Is this the same stuff that the sign people use? I used to buy that when I ran my promotions business (until I retired) Gaffa tape just wouldn't last long as we know. It looks like its in matt form rather than gloss. Its a good idea to have some soapy water in a spray bottle when fitting that stuff. Then you can slide it about before you preen out the moisture. If that is the stuff its a good idea to use the good quality vinyl as the cheap one contracts with the heat of the sun, then curls up at the edges. I've also had a problem this year with the c
  13. Hi all. I have a 1996 Elddis Elf that has a bit of water ingress around the front windows. I've done a lot of research through the winter on this problem and I'm still asking questions in order to affect the best repair. The question is, what is that black tape they used between the front windows? Its quite wide and obviously sticks very well! I have new seals and a lot of woodwork skills, plus all the tools to do the job. Many thanks. Steve
  14. Many thanks for all that. Very helpful. Probably better to cut a bit off and present it to them.
  15. Hi all. It was such a nice day today that I thought I'd remove the cover from our 96 Elddis Elf to air it out. I opened the front middle window with all the others and as I was walking to the door there was a "clunk" The middle window had slipped out of the grip channel seal that it sits in, in the top hinge rail. I'm thinking it may have got a bit compressed over the years and it's maybe time to replace the rubber channel seal. I've managed to push the window back into the channel but it wasn't without a lot of grief! Can someone point me in the direction of a company who se
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