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  1. I wanted a fixed bed, decent size bathroom in a layout that suited us with kids but worked well as a ultimate two birth. Chose a lunar since it was a nice looking van that was well thought out and reasonably light for its size. We have a local agent too who has sold them for over 40 years who was a absolute pleasure to buy from. I really wanted a van with AL-KO atc too.
  2. Good job there were no children playing or pedestrians. This is partially why I'm quite happy to pay for my Trailer test, the coupling is a significant part of the test and really makes you think about the reasons why its done in such away.
  3. I'm looking at similar, was planning on running it through the tail light circuit so I have functionality on demand not just when reversing. I have seen some reviews of Boscam and some you tube films about them. Seem good value and simple to install. Wireless range seems good too. I would be interested to know if others found similar gadget beneficial. Appeal to me is its a rear view mirror for when your interior mirror doesn't work due to massive white square thing on the back but also when reversing onto pitches its a great aid to 'see' the blind spots and keep peace with
  4. Well done. Thats the spirit!
  5. Thanks all, some great suggestions there.
  6. Can anyone recommend any good value lighting? I have a dorema exclusive 250 poled awning and wondered if I could pick your brains. New to caravaning and not yet assembled this awning but at the moment I have the light above the caravan door and a table lamp. I was thinking something to mount on the poles. Suggestions.....?
  7. As the OP its been great reading through all the comments. Well we have just got home from our 1st time away in the caravan. I'm pleased to report back to you all the hob oven and microwave were all used this weekend. It was great, everything was done nicely. Oven was slightly less responsive to the one at home however it was more than adequate. I really like how versatile the caravan is.
  8. Don't plan on a roast or baking as such but would do a garlic bread, pasta bake etc we have air fryer which has proven to be really useful when camping so would favour this for certain things. Trouble with the air fryer is its quite small where the oven gives us a better range of portions and cooking multiple things for a family of four. Good for you, its nice to hear these being used as they are designed for.
  9. New to caravaning and having looked at a few the ovens and grills appear to never been used. We plan on using ours regularly so I wondered what the consensus was amongst the caravantalk community? Are they useless or do people just prefer not to oven cook when caravaning?
  10. Couldn't agree more, ticks every box for me.
  11. I dont know about the OP Mercedes specific update however on the VW situation I can tell you that I currently own a 1.6tdi golf 2011 as my daily work hack however it already had the emissions fix so I cant tell what it was like before however I can tell you it dpf regens about every 150 miles and I've recently had to replace a injector at considerable expense which I am told is a consequence of the fix. I'm also told the other three are probably going to fail soon since that's what they do once one goes. My wife had until recently a 2011 passat cc tdi, nice car however that also ha
  12. Interesting comments. I have one on a 2016, I work with these vehicles in the franchise deer network. I have found that the later versions are much better built. Mine does not rattle at all. I get 32 mpg solo. Faults on antara are generally 4wd related. I wouldn't have a 4wd version if you paid me. After that they can suffer oil leak on 2.2 from the timing cover area. This is just a reseal however it is labour intensive especially on 4wd. Plastics are cheap in places but its a cheap car. As a tow car its relatively heavy, has trailer assist on face-lift, huge boot when considering
  13. Same website also allows you to check any recalls outstanding. Very useful prior to purchase.
  14. https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=2.34022564.402081764.1601319595-202722936.1601138601
  15. I find this kind of topic so interesting. I have decided given that I plan on owning a caravan for many years to come and don't know what future car and van combination l will own its easier just to get the upgrade to my licence Nd have done with it. Sadly I passed in July 1997 so seven month out. I say sadly but at least I will recieve some coaching re towing which I guess is not a bad thing overall. Im in the odd position of owning a caravan and can't tow it! Been waiting to take the test but dates keep getting pushed back. My van is 1445 mile and car weighs over 20
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