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  1. Could use ratchet straps to massive ground spikes until you find something more permanent.
  2. Took a gamble that the low gas in the cylinder would be enough for the weekend away. Got to site and couldn't get the gas through, figured out we must have run out i asked dad to nip me through the spare (local campsite) when they were coming for dinner the following day only to realise I'd not turned on the winter gas tap next to the oven. Silly me forgot about that one when. We packed it away for winter. Turned out there was plenty in the tank sir
  3. Loads of great suggestions in the thread. I'd also recommend the zafira tourer. Great towcar in 2.0 auto spec. Father in law has had two and really rates it. Depending on year they are rated to 1800kg but big enough boot to swallow lots of gear to get the payload right in the van. Very good drive solo too.
  4. I have a 330. For us it was the perfect size on the Lunar to open the door and the storage locker while still big enough to sit four of us. It's nice and light, simple to put up too. Best of all the bag is spacious too so it all goes back in. Overall I'm really pleased with our choice, the sides just kept the wind off too which made it much more usable. Pic attached.
  5. Thankfully your experience is a positive one and I'm sure many others are in a similar position however many have not, the last two we sold both ended up being bought back and sent to the auction. Shame as I say I really like them and the engine however I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. Potential for serious expense.
  6. I'd be concerned about the sky active system failure. Had lots of trouble with these in the trade. Cam wears which shags the turbochargers with swarf, possibly fixed on certain years so do your homework. That's the short version and such a shame. Lovely car to drive and pleasing on the eye.
  7. Not sure if you have viewed it yet but model specific issues I would suggest you check the front windows for warping but otherwise I think its just standard caravan rules to check for.
  8. I recall syp having Insignia VXRs for high speed work, the bobbies called them the beast for very good reason. Spiritual successor to the senator but with both axles driven and clever front suspension unique to the vxr really distanced them from regular insignia. I know they got fed up with sticking brakes on them though which were horrendously expensive and wore out so quickly. Eventually they replaced them with 5 series.
  9. Difficult one to say. If that's a 2.0 diesel it should be fine but here lies the issue. One person's opinion will be different to another person's. I think what you are craving is torque. Long stroke engines help here, capacity too will always help. Modern cars like to throw extra gears at the situation aswell which can be useful at keeping a vehicle in the right torque/power band. I'd be tempted to use a towcar outfit matching service online and experiment with different towcar options. You can configure the load and it will give you a base line by comparing your current ve
  10. I've found the following perfect for me. Rinse Wash with a car wash and wax Silky caravan cream on any stubborn section during wash stage Rinse Then use turtle wax hydrophobic sealant Dress tyres Job done. Roof I have used a clay mitt after wash. Really helps with fallout removal without using chemicals.
  11. We used our shower at the weekend, straight out of the aquareloll with a mains feed. All I did was turn up the boost on the heater panel and 3kw while in use and the shower was powerful enough and consistent temp using the mixer. It was more than acceptable pressure. I suspect you have a issue somewhere.
  12. Caravan is very wide for parking it in the cone section. I really wouldn't bother.
  13. Just be careful I've just inspected my tyres and despite buying the van from a dealer last summer and the tyres looking like new on the sidewall, perfect tread depths I found serious cracking inbetween the tread blocks. Van was stored with slightly high pressures and rotated during winter. Dealer has subsequently refunded me the tyre cost. In my situation the date stamp was 7 years reinforcing the need to change on age.
  14. Most sites could or do give a booking reference. Just refer to the reference and a pitch number. Job done.
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