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  1. I couldn't agree more. We love our caravan, it accommodates us perfectly well and I wouldn't be without it as it stands but we also like to go to beaches off the beaten track. Something like a T6 would allow us to spend the day at some remote locations. I also love to watch motorsport, typically bike racing. I don't need or want to drag the caravan for a wet weekend alone or with a pal but see a T6 camper as the perfect solution. I'm also considering becoming one of the orange army and again this would be mega. Just a shame I cannot afford a T6.
  2. Search on calor website for agents. In addition I have seen plenty in local fuel stations too. Campsite we are at has good supplies too so might be worth ringing ahead.
  3. In a real world, in my real budget I'd take diesel torque every day. Big fat wedge of torque from low down and broad spread. There is other factors, some of which have been made already. Quantity of forward gears, the gear ratios, ability to put down the power, short stroke/long stroke engine, flywheel weight etc. Also personal choice too. I imagine a large capacity V8 is a wonderful device to tow with. I suspect something like a G63 is absolutely incredible tow car.
  4. I just don't understand why you need so much payload when you have a pick up truck. With a truckman style top on the rear you must be able to have vast amounts of space in conjunction with a regular caravan. 5th wheel rig look a bit of a night mare for positioning on a site. It's a big old lump to tug too for a relatively small motor. I assume it's the 2.3? Will you need to remove the tailgate too? If so you are massively compromising the vehicle when solo. I would be considering reviewing the equipment, look to light weight where you can for marginal savings. They will all add up to a substantial saving. Is there just the two of you?
  5. I did this, still made a mess of it. One of those jobs that looks easier than it is.
  6. I had this so took them off. I had a set made up through Tring signs. They did a great job but I made a right mess applying them so I've left them off now.
  7. So the last week of school is different in different towns. I know my nice and nephew were at school one week longer than my own children. Maybe this might account for the difference. .? My other observation is the last week of school in our area was horrendous. My daughter had to isolate due to a covid bubble positive case. Every day we had noticed on the parent portal more bubbles being sent home, if she was there I'm not too sure I would want her there. My other child still in year 6 at primary school had a rather poor final week with disruptions to staffing. Final week wasn't the most educational for her. I understand to some degree the anxiety of school in that final week for parents and pupils. I would add I have never let any of my children to miss school and never pulled them out of school for a holiday but I do understand why some would consider it.
  8. I started a thread on this recently that went wild. I guess it will vary, couple of days ago every van I saw had a car with towing mirrors. Today I saw only one pulling out of sounds yorkshire caravans and it never had any.
  9. So am I. Most caravans have a 12v accessory socket commonly called a cig lighter style socket. Since the fm blue tooth transmitter works through radio waves it doesn't need to be immediately next to the head unit. Hope this helps you understand. You just stream the radio station then through your phone paired to the FM Bluetooth transmitter. Most also have a USB built in so you can charge phone at same time. It really is very simple.
  10. There is a solution to this. I have a fm transmitter, it plugs into a cig lighter style socket. I stream through it to a preset FM channel. Works a treat, Spotify is great and I have the app on my phone for my favorite radio stations. For me I have the transmitter already, its what I use in my classic car for hands free telephone calls and navigation off my phone. It cost me about £10 on eBay so worth a punt.
  11. Personal choice. We have children who are no longer babies so on on each front bench works wonders having them separate. We wanted a layout we could enjoy in a few years when kids don't want to go with mum and dad. This was a big factor in our choice. Friends chose fixed bunks however I feel they will regret this in a couple of years forcing a change of van. We like our fixed bed and like having a separate loo to the shower rather than one that is shared cubicle. I love the fact that all our services are on the offside rather than some on the awning side. I love having a external mains plug rather than a gas bbq point on the awning side. Much prefer bbq well away from the van. For us we have a ideal four berth a perfect two berth for adult only rare weekend. Wet locker is perfect for storing chocks, ramps etc. Glad we don't have a sunroof type front window, much prefer a additional overhead locker. Massive front locker is a benefit onsite since we can put lots of stuff that normally travel in the van to achieve correct nose weight taking care still to keep vents clear.
  12. Vauxhall have a free roadside assistance for NHS workers at the moment, Vauxhall owners only. Not just breakdowns before the jokers start but any road side assistance. Miss fuelled, puncture etc. Amongst other offers too.
  13. Two weeks tomorrow we set off on our holiday as a family of four. Wife and I with our two girls. 11 and 14. Irrespective of covid it is our holiday of choice but for us our first two week holiday in our first caravan. We are so excited. I dont think we have looked forward to a holiday as much as this one for a very long time. Both of us work sector's that never closed, I don't think I have worked harder in my life. Worth a mention we did tents and trailer tents working up to our first van so no stranger to campsites. I think the choice of site and location is a huge factor here. We stay on a immaculate site, it has spacious pitches of varying rates per night. Has strict rules on groups etc and honestly I have never seen of heard bad behaviour from children. In fact more often than not they make a pen friend. My eldest is very much looking forward to meeting a girl who she met two years previously. I accept in some places somewhere there might be occasions when celebrations extend to unsociable hours but on the whole these are rare. I dare say most folk have had a tough year, I dare say we have all at some point had one too many and maybe been a bit loud too. Campsite wardens do have their benefits at times.
  14. I thought that this was going to be simple job!
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