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  1. Thanks for the compliment, my son in law calls it "a house on wheels". Yes, we considered a motorhome but its not our thing......... We moved from the Lower Mainland to V.I. just over a year ago and have just moved the trailer over so the answer to your question is mostly Vancouver Island now but we spent quite a lot of the summer cruising in our sailboat. We are heading out to Tofino with the trailer on the the West Coast in a couple of weeks to do some "storm watching". Yes the Provincial sites are great but difficult to get into due to the high demand. They are for the most part "dry
  2. Thanks for that quick response, we have friends in who reside in the UK and may be able to purchase on our behalf, effectivley owning them, and insure "any driver" or "named driver" (assuming that is still an option). Obviously things have changed in the last 30 or so years... Is the issuance of a caravan number plate controlled now ? When I last owned a caravan, the local towbar store would make them while you wait, in fact I have mine from my last caravan hung up in the garage here Is the "B&E test now mandatory ?".
  3. Hello all, Looking for advice on long term (6 months) rental of a car and caravan versus buying used and re selling. I am an Ex pat living in British Columbia, left the UK in 1987 and we are thinking of coming to Europe for up to 6 months and touring. I was a caravanner before emigrating and own an outfit here at home although it's a bit different from a UK outfit ! (pic of trailer attached) I would like some input on the practicality of what we are planning. Could we, as non residents buy and insure a car ? What is the B & E driving test that is now required and wo
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