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  1. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. It's so kind of you all to write and it's very much appreciated. I'm still not sure what to do or where to go - and I am also waiting for a diagnosis of a cardiac problem (having been to the hospital this afternoon) so that has to take priority now, sadly.
  2. Good stuff! I also write about our travels - our holiday last year is at URL: http://www.alsblog.co.uk/france2019/HolidayFrance2019.html (Part One). There are three parts - see button at bottom of each page. Lot's of photograph galleries and some videos too. We travelled 4000+ miles during the summer break (6 weeks) - not all towed. Didn't want to come home! I hope you manage to get away in November. Near neighbours of ours have gone away in their motorhome a few days ago - no idea where they have gone though - they usually go away to Spain / Portugal for up to 3 months but maybe not t
  3. Hi Jaydug - Great website you have - love reading about your travels and adventures - good for you - well done!
  4. Hi Joanie - good to hear from you. Being optimistic in this crazy world of ours is the only way to keep going sometimes. Just like I'm being optimistic about my visit to the cardiac unit on Wednesday to find out what is wrong with my old ticker! I'm still planning ahead and looking forward to travelling much more. As the old song says: Keep right on to the end of the road, keep right on to the end.
  5. Thanks, Moorgate. Most kind of you. I'll see what the situation is like in early January before making up my mind what to do - maybe I'll let the train take the strain!
  6. thanks to both of you for your response. I have a small blog about caravans at URL: http://www.alsblog.co.uk/caravanning.html and in particular, my proposed route at URL: http://alsblog.co.uk/travellers_dream.html
  7. I'm thinking about escaping the winter weather in 2021 and wondered if anyone else was thinking of doing the same thing? I have a large twin-axle caravan but it seems a lot to tow just being solo as it would add a great deal to the cost of the tour. Joining forces with someone like-minded may be a possibility. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? More of my rambling on about this can be seen at URL: http://alsblog.co.uk/travellers_dream.html
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