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  1. Many thanks for your help, really appreciated. Mal W
  2. Many thanks, have verified my van hasn't got ATC as was not purchased with van. The circular light is very similar to what you kindly mention. It looks as though it is some form of light to illuminate front locker, but baffled bas to how to switch bit on. As mentioned Cambell caravans near Preston very unhelpful as I am not original purchaser. Thanks ME.
  3. Many thanks, will get some pics. There is a separate switch for the awning light on the electric control panel, and the control for the heating is also on the separate truma panel. Have tried turning the switch on, checked in and out no sign? The round light type feature on the A frame not operated by this switch either? Have contacted Campbell's caravans who manufacture the van, very unhelpful as not the original purchaser🙃
  4. Can any one please assist in identifying a small round toggle switch on left side of control panel above main door, on 2018 lunar 574 cosmos. It has marks of 1 then 0. Also small round fitting on A frame in front of front locker? Has the appearance of being some form of small light. Many thanks MW
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