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  1. Yes Paul, the quality is good, there’s no denying that and if he does a bad job, he won’t get any more. I’ve just concluded that this is going to be in use for the next 18 years or so , so just go for it. It’ll probably see me out, then it’s the kids problem. The Gower is primarily reliant upon tourism related revenue so your right, it’s helping the local economy and besides, savings don’t get any interest these days, better off enjoying it.
  2. Thanks for the responses, it appears there is really only one supplier to do this in the area. The site owner knows the installation guy as he’s done them all on our small site. We got 10 different quotes from this guy for 10 permutations of colour, finish glass, full length, part length, skirting / no skirting.ranging from £5K to almost 10K plumped for the maximum size we needed around £7K. Shocked at the cost, but without it we can’t enjoy our purchase. I’m planning to do the skirting myself, I’ll get the material it’ll be a fraction of the cost. These guys are as
  3. Hi, we bought a new static caravan and had it sited in September, unfortunately COVID has reduced the number of times we could visit, but it’s a long term thing so it is what it is. We have just started getting quotes for decking and the company everyone else seems to have used has come back with a ridiculous quote between 30 and 50% higher than I anticipated based upon the next door statics recent work on theirs which was sited 6 months before us. Anyone have any suggestions for companies that might offer better value we could get quotes from ? We are based on the
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