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  1. I've bought a 850 and we are all delighted with it. Build quality is fantastic!!
  2. I've looked at that type too. I'm a bit weary of having to a) leaving it set up to get nicked or b) If I put it away, having to set it up again every time I want to sneak off to the pub whilst leaving the wife in front of Eastenders . The site I've got the van booked into for August next year seems lovely, but there is no TV reception and there's a lot of trees about - meaning a mobile set up may be best It's all very confusing, but thanks for the advice Do you get most free-to-air channels with that? Also, I assume twin cable for more than 1 TV?
  3. Hi all, Caravan newbie here.... expecting a delivery of my Coachman 850 Laser Excel in January and I'm deliberating on putting a Sat. dish on top from the dealer. Can anyone advise on a reliable system ? Not worried about the money so much after paying out £34k on a caravan, but there's so many about it's hard to pick the right one! Add to that the choice of free-to-air or shell out more for Sky (I've got Sky Q at home which is not transferrable) and it's giving me a headache! Any help greatly received
  4. He did have his window open and was driving slowly. The noise of the hitch dropping would have alerted and I'd have been out like a shot
  5. The E & P is also included in the Laser Excel
  6. Just seen it on the Coachman website. Personally I don't think it warrants the extra £4k from the Laser Xcel so I'm glad I plumped for the latter.
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