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  1. I've looked at that type too. I'm a bit weary of having to a) leaving it set up to get nicked or b) If I put it away, having to set it up again every time I want to sneak off to the pub whilst leaving the wife in front of Eastenders . The site I've got the van booked into for August next year seems lovely, but there is no TV reception and there's a lot of trees about - meaning a mobile set up may be best It's all very confusing, but thanks for the advice Do you get most free-to-air channels with that? Also, I assume twin cable for more than 1 TV?
  2. Hi all, Caravan newbie here.... expecting a delivery of my Coachman 850 Laser Excel in January and I'm deliberating on putting a Sat. dish on top from the dealer. Can anyone advise on a reliable system ? Not worried about the money so much after paying out £34k on a caravan, but there's so many about it's hard to pick the right one! Add to that the choice of free-to-air or shell out more for Sky (I've got Sky Q at home which is not transferrable) and it's giving me a headache! Any help greatly received
  3. He did have his window open and was driving slowly. The noise of the hitch dropping would have alerted and I'd have been out like a shot
  4. The E & P is also included in the Laser Excel
  5. Just seen it on the Coachman website. Personally I don't think it warrants the extra £4k from the Laser Xcel so I'm glad I plumped for the latter.
  6. Thanks for your reply Wonky. I think I'll be buying new as it's going to be an investment to keep for 15 years hopefully Sadly, the 2020 model I was lining up has been sold. Never mind, I've been told Coachman are issuing cashback with their 2021 models so just waiting for an expected cash injection and I'll be looking for that deal! NJ
  7. Hi everyone, It looks like I'm going to dive in at the deep end for a new caravan. Looking at the Coachman excel 850 - Has anyone got one?? Spec looks good and layout is what we as a family are looking for. Is it better to fork out now and save a few grand on the 2021 model or wait for a better deal? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks. N
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