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  1. Yes I thought 75kg was pretty normal. I just don't want to have to add lots more weight to the MRO to get to the right nose weight. Thanks so much that's good to hear! Cars GVW 1970kg and vans MTPLM 1430kg = 3400kg. Which is below the cars GTW of 3470kg. Although I would never to loading the van up to the MTPLM, only adding the necessary nose weight to the MRO of 1195kg. So interms of the weight and laws and also safety you think this is sound? Many thanks everyone.
  2. Would you say my car and this van match ok in terms of the weights? I would just make sure I keep the van as light as I can by putting heavy stuff and most stuff in the car. Does MRO include all fixtures and fittings the the cooker etc? But no the spare wheel, battery and gas bottle? The max nose weight for the car is 75kg, would I need to put a full 75kg of weight in the front of the van for this or might the van have some of it's own natural nose weight?
  3. Well yes I have read about this too, and this is good to hear. I just want the caravan to be as light as possible compared to the car. Off various sites on line, it's hard to find as so many different models. The car handbook says 1540kg but that's for the saloon, the handbook doesn't give the weight of the coupe. If the kerb weight is heavier than 1515kg then thats great.
  4. Hi there We've been thinking of trying caravaning for the first time for a few years. I can tow up to 3500kg. I am confused if I can chose a caravan thinking more about the MRO weight or MTPLM. We have a towbar already on one of our cars: Merc C220 CDI SE auto coupe 2007 Max vehicle train weight: 3470kg Max vehicle gross weight: 1970Kg Max braked trailer weight: 1500kg Vehicle kerb weight: 1515kg 85% rule = 1280kg For example I have found an Abbey Vouge, the MRO is 1195kg and the MTPLM is 1430kg. The 1430kg is quite far over the 85% ker
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