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  1. Not needed , mm, that's why Guest manufacture them. You can go one step further and use Guest's locking nuts on top of the rings. The locking nuts are used in domestic plumbing to stop vandals disconnecting the pipe .
  2. Just had a water leak on my shower mixing valve, (2018 Swift). so had a look today, no locking clips on the fitting, one of the pipes either came out a little or it was never pushed fully home in the fitting. Just ordered some clips and inserts. The mixer it self was leaking too. Having removed it all I can say it is rubbish (Reich) the tail pipes are have poor joints into the plastic body. So i have ordered a brass body one to replace it. I will insert locking clips in any other joint fitting I can find. The cost of the clips is so cheap and the man hours required to fix is so small
  3. A point to add is if the tyre is split or is punctured on the side wall, where would you get a replacement tyre on Sunday. I would never travel without a spare wheel for car or caravan.
  4. I have been trying to find tubular shelf rail to extend my containment on my shelves. I'm looking for 8 mm tube , end supports and intermediate supports similar to a wardrobe rail. Has anyone any idea of a suppler please, I've searched the internet can find only tube but no fittings . Thanks
  5. Leaking propane is not a silly matter, I have seen the results of propane leaking and laying at ground level. One of our team had his face badly burnt when it ignited.
  6. Could be the case, but as the plastic is flexible (similar to how lead pipe worked under expansion, (them were the days wiping joints) it tends to stretch and take the expansion of the water/ice. As in my previous posting it is more likely that inserts should have been used in the pipe joints. If you do not use an insert the pipe wall will compress as there is no firmness there.
  7. As a retired plumber if you change the fittings to John Guest fittings, I would advise /essential to use the locking c clips that are part of the Guest range. This will ensure that the fitting will not slip on the pipe due to movement. They are cheap to buy, come in red and blue colours, so many plumbers never fit them in housing and I have seen a number of joints fail. Also it is best to cut the pie with a proper cutter, or with a very sharp knife., if you have to use a hacksaw make sure there is no burr on the pipe. Missed saying make sure you use the correct pipe inserts.
  8. Just back from York caravan park, great place to stay.
  9. One point I did learn when I was looking for an electric assist service shop, was the oil in the brakes does not have to be replaced annually. The oil is not DOT 4 formulation.
  10. Construction sites which are especially vulnerable to damaging cables have orange or yellow for extra low voltage (110 v) Blue is for low voltage (230v).
  11. When lubricating a lock use graphite dust not any oil. I lent this years ago when I have to cover emergency lock opening .
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