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  1. How do I remove the JVC radio from the panel in a Phoenix+ 640? I need to find out if DAB is not working for any of the reasons you've all explained in this thread. The aerial connection at the antenna end seems good and FM works fine. Is there a danger the caravan will see me as a thief and disable the radio if I need to disconnect it , or can I slide the radio out (hopefully) without disturbing anything? Thanks for any help!
  2. We're also very happy with ours. Almost all problems have been "pilot errors" so far .
  3. Thanks, Mr Plod. Very interesting picture! I think it is a "feature" rather than a "fault" as the pipes appear to be connected as blown air comes through. I've poked fingers in all suggested places and can't find anything loose. We do keep the doors closed at night as both ends have sleepers and there are privacy requirements re the bathroom . So it seems we need to keep the doors open and get the bedroom warm in the earlier part of the evening, then shut the vents in the lounge and bathroom but keep the bedroom ones open with the fan on overnight if it's chilly. The lounge always seems to keep warm. I'll update on the basis of our next round of experimentation,
  4. Thanks for the reply. Tried that and it definitely made a difference. With the fan on "High" and lounge and bathroom vents shut there is now a reasonable draft of warm air in the bedroom. It's not as strong a draft as the ones in the lounge etc. and the air doesn't seem quite as warm, but it is definitely warm air blowing through. Do you think this is a "feature" rather than a "fault", i.e. if we're getting warm air everything must be basically working as it should be?
  5. We have a new 640 and are very pleased with it. However, one problem is that although the Truma blown air works well in the lounge and bathroom, nothing comes out in the bedroom at all. When heat is coming out of the bathroom vent the floor immediately to the rear of that vent is warm, but there's no sign of anything coming out of the bedroom vent. It seems likely that a pipe has come off (or never been on ). Can anybody describe how to access the pipework to the bedroom so that I can check it out myself rather than go back to the dealer? Thanks for any help!
  6. Thank you all for your replies, which are much appreciated. I've been getting great advice on here. I’m aiming to balance the cost of the security devices against the insurance discounts/validity, and as some of you have pointed out payback won't necessarily take long. I’ll try another couple of companies for quotes. Currently, favourites seem to be an AL-KO premium hitch lock and a Wraith wheel clamp. Thanks again to all.
  7. I'm about to take delivery (well, after lockdown anyway ) of a new Phoenix+ 640 with ATC. Can anybody recommend a hitch lock and wheel clamp that would suit? Thanks for any advice. Lawrence
  8. OK, thanks to you both for your help. I guess there are always the rival pressures of storage space and "living" space . Looks like we'll have to settle for the Bailey Phoenix "part way sliding" type of feature.
  9. I'm looking at buying a 4 berth Bailey with a central washroom. Can anybody tell me if any of the rear bedroom double beds (inline or transverse) in current or recent models fold up in some way to get them out of the way during daytime? Thanks in anticipation
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