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  1. Thank you all for your comments, A new bulb, some cleaning of rust off a couple of spade terminals and the light unit itself and I now have a fully working light on the A-frame - via the unknown switch. Brilliant - much appreciated No comment - it could end in tears (for me)
  2. Thanks all for the replies - that gives me some ideas to go after. With regards to towing.. The van is firmly planted on a site at the moment - so no plans to tow - I've only got a Fiesta at the moment, and no hitch, so i'm not going anywhere under my own steam. I passed my test in the eighties, I have towed a caravan once for a friend over a relatively short distance - not the same, but used to tow a double horse box, and my nag about to shows on a regular bases - not with the Fiesta of course!
  3. Hello - new to this and caravan, so please excuse if i'm being dumb. I have a Bailey Senator Arizona 2005, that I am borrowing from my mum and dad. They purchased it 2nd hand or so a few years back, but have only ever stuck to basic's and don't know what what half the switches, knobs and flaps do in the van. I am gradually working through - but one has me stumped. Just above floor level, just as you step into the van, mounted by the door frame is a switch - like a light switch. It doesn't control the exterior light above the door, and there are switches
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