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  1. Hi daveat92, Unless i am mistaken the sunstore price is for a fixed panel where as the miletts price is for a folding briefcase. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  2. Hi , For anyone in the market for a solar panel i have just bought a Falcon 100w solar panel for £238 from Miletts. Falcons price is £349. You can buy it from go outdoors with discount card but still dearer then Miletts.
  3. Thanks Kiaboy for taking the time to take the photographs and uploading them to the forum. This is exactly what i am concerned about and i have a feeling that all 2020 models will have the same " ventilation space". I cannot go and check other vans at the dealers while i am in isolation but will go and check other vans when i can. This may be an oversite from coachman.
  4. I live in the countryside and have to be aware of rodents and birds nesting within my house, so i was checking underneath my Acadia 460 yesterday and was surprised at what i found. I covered external holes for pipework and cables (one size hole fits everything !) but if you lay on your back and look up between the front external lockers you can see a space between the lockers behind the central drawer and bed locker. To me this is inviting a nesting space for our wildlife so i cut a lightweight board and covered it up. The design of the front lockers looks nice in practice but in
  5. HI, Sorry that i did not get back to your post last night. Footy took preferencelast night , come on England.!!!!!!! To answer your question: The camera kit was bought from Reversing cameras uk and cost me £251,thats for 60 degree camera,7inch mirror monitor, 2 extension cables, digital wire free transmitter and receiver. I fitted the camera on the roof and took a flat extension cable from the camera joint box through the roof light and then used a extension to the cupboard next to the exit door. From there i took a cable through the floor and connected to the transmitter under
  6. Hi, I have now fitted a wireless rear view camera ,transmitter situated at the front of caravan under bed slat box and receiver in car boot. Perfect picture throughout a 2 hour drive with no loss of picture whatsoever. The bonus for me is that i have linked receiver to my house cctv system.
  7. Having towed the van a few times i have to report that the signal is not consistant and disappears after 5 minutes and does not return . I have removed it and got a refund. I tried 2 different mobile phones and 2 different tablets, not fit for purpose in my opinion.
  8. Hi, I have just fitted a falcon wireless rear view camera to a coachman acadia 460 without any problems. I am using a tesco hudl to view the camera. Not the best resolution but better than nothing. I did email coachman for some advice but did not receive a reply so went ahead and fitted camera. Regards Paul Johnson
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