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  1. thanks so much very interesting
  2. hi no I want to know why a mardrid 2015 in the showroom we visited today was on the off side but the ones on youtube from caravan showrooms have it on the nearside same caravan same yeat
  3. May I ask you kind people to assist and help us in our confusion Today we went and looked at a 2015 unicorn madrid , the BBQ was on the off side hmm we came back to youtube when we came home to view our saved videos - yes this is what researching for a caravan does for you !!! and the 2015 madrids on youtube the BBQ point is on the near side help................................
  4. thanks so much that is really helpful we went to see the genoa and it was lovely however the front nearside locker had been sealer - or attempted to be sealed with a sealant gun stuff all round every edge. Why dont know but it fair put us off it we asked about warranty and were told everything but the tyres, as we were not taking the van we did not dig further. we have now moved to the Madrid and Seville. the search goes on , there is a dealer nearby with both but we do not like them just the interaction and reviews on line about them
  5. as far as I know that even if you are in the area, eg Forth valley is 2 you are meant to stay within your councils ie falkirk shouldnt go to stirling even although they are all forth valley
  6. am really confused now , but to be fair that does not take much. So if someone buys a Lunar will it have the lunar warranty and spares etc or if its not then ........ lunar old and lunar new confusing me from the confused
  7. thanks very much , are they still in business ?
  8. HI lunar people we were happy with layout and caravan brand when OH discovered lunar - its a 2015 hes looking at I understand that Lunar are no more therefore to get repairs and spares in future may be a challenge thoughts welcome
  9. thanks so much we are looking at a unicorn 2 but prefer the shower in 1 or 3 - like everything in life compromises must be made , as you say you dont spend that much time in them and if the site showers are okay we would use them cheers angie
  10. hi can those who have a unicorn 2 and use the shower let me know how usable it is as it looks tiny and impractical thanks angie
  11. When i looked earlier Dunvans in ayrshire and wallace in kircaldy had one tourer left for sale.
  12. absolutely no harm in letting them know what to keep an eye out for
  13. hiyya Thanks for that , we are looking for a Bailey Seville S1 or S3 they dont have on their site but we are going to Stenny on Saturday so are going to go and see them while in the areas to let them know what we are looking for
  14. Went to a big caravan dealer near me today and they said they have only a third of normal stock , they cant get what they want regarding new stock and that a lot of people who are buying are not trading in as they are selling privately. She reckons the prices are going to go up and stock is going to be hard to find next year She painted a bleak picture and I know some of it will be to get you into the - oh my goodness I better buy today while they have a caravan mindset however whats you thought on how things are and are going to be. We havent looked before so what we are seeing w
  15. I understand bailey as its the alutec but why coachman ? thanks angie
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