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  1. Thanks folks very helpful Sorry am confused , May I ask - If the finance company had been paid by the cc , what made them get involved as they had been paid ?
  2. Hello, we were not going to use finance to buy due to high interest rates , however, after reading some of the posts if there are issues it appears to be helpful in getting a resolution if finance is involved in the purchase ? is it prudent to pay a big deposit and leave only a little bit on finance thanks
  3. I popped into our local dealer the other day to find out he had only two , two berths , with a year of 2008 and around £5k . While I was at the dealers, only about ten minutes , four separate couples came to view it and one bought it. Even private ones on the tree site are going in hours in our area. sellers marker, we are waiting until next year
  4. we are still looking for our first caravan, which will be a used one. We thought that buying from a dealer with a warranty would be the better option but now wondering if taking a chance on the a cheaper private van and a independent report, is the way to go . seems all very confusing
  5. videoing the process , what a simple but fantastic idea
  6. Am sorry to hear that your dad is poorly I am glad he has happy memories of Scotland. He will have seen loads of changes in his 92 years, imagine a time without all the gadgets we have now ! Best wishes to your dad from Scotland, Angie
  7. I have only been on one cruise, went myself and had a brilliant holiday. thanks so much and of course your correct , especially this year I think has got folk reflecting more about when is your last grain of sand is about to fall out the timer.
  8. we have a local dealer , who is a fair sized dealer with not one caravan for sale. What strange times we are living in. One dealer who has sold most of his online during the lockdown, people buying with only a video tour. There are only three caravans in the whole of Scotland that have our layout and price. Will see what happens once they open properly thanks to all who posted
  9. Hi All We are looking to get a caravan this year but were wondering just how much extra we will be paying for the privilege. I know the prices are higher with the supply v demand but just how much more. We are torn between buying now or waiting until next year when prices might be lower and there will be a bigger choice thanks
  10. Thanks to everyone, thats the cadac ordered and will get the gas - propane when the next sunny day comes - in Scotland not sure when that will be Hoping to get a van this year but at present there are only three in the whole of Scotland that we like and they will no doubt be gone at 09.05 the day the dealers open again.
  11. thank you so if you are starting from scratch with nothing to exchange the charge for the bottle is not returned if you ever decide to return the empty bottle with no refill
  12. can I ask what a BP light is , is that butane ? whats the lite ? thanks
  13. awww thats interesting thanks
  14. brillant , thanks so much for the speedy responses. Intend to caravan in the winter time so Propane it is thanks again
  15. Morning, We are debating waiting until next year to get the van due to prices and availability . Meantime however we are going to go ahead with getting a Cadac for the garden as we can take it with us once we get the van. Just to confirm what I think regarding gas bottles. Butane bottle come filled and you just exchange empty for full . Propane you buy the bottle and take it to get filled ? if this is right which is the cheaper in the long run option. ? also what size of bottles do you take in the van and type . Hoping the bottle we g
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