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  1. Yeeessss I know !!! Have you ever been so focused on something that you did not pick up what was going on around you ,well that was me ,it is easy to loose track, as soon as I was aware of the closeness of the crowd building up , I distanced my self FAST
  2. The awning bag DID have a Kampa label , just did not look , leason learned !!
  3. We were staying in Swaffham over the weekend , and as usual we visited the Saturday market . Like to watch the street auction , and it was there that I nearly got sucked in . Standing watching the auctioneer , I suddenly realised I was in a crowd of people standing close together , very few masks ( I was wearing one ) I could not got out of the crowd quick enough , just hope I was not too late . Little wonder the virus is spreading at an alarming rate , some people just don’t get it .A small market town in Norfolk in tier 1 , not for long though .
  4. Our trip from south London to Thetford forest CMC site went well . Did basic setup , and stopped for coffee . Then on to awning , err , humm , took the black holdall out of car to unwrap the half awning , Oh dear , the holdall for the awning and the holdall for daughters tent are almost identical , aaannndddd , yeeeesss I had picked up the wrong one . The thing is we use our 2 berth caravan as a bedroom , leaving the double bed made up all the time ,and live in the awning , so the awning is quite essential . There was only one thing to do , a 4hr round trip to pick up the correc
  5. We have a Compass Rallye 462 ,which is an Elddis in a new frock, in fact our previous caravan was exactly the same minus a few goodies Ours has 4 screws around the inner rim of the sink ,remove those and the sink easily lifts out ,there should be sufficient waste pipe to enable you to reattach to the sink , hopefully yours is similar
  6. I feel for those people as well , but to a certain extent , they are the authors of their problems ,without getting too deep , ignoring distancing and face coverings during certain festivals , students being complete idiots ( so much for higher “education”) also politicians and an advisor who are above the rules make the rest of us look like lemmings . Yes I am alright Jack because I followed the rules , gave up 3 holidays during lock down , suffered 14 days quarantine having been caught out whilst in France , always have a face covering when out , kept my Daughter at arms length bec
  7. And 3 weeks ago SAGE/Witless predicted Armageddon . When I got up this morning the world was still going around the sun . Caravan almost packed ready for trip to Norfolk later today , from low risk area to low risk area , fully loaded with supplies , so no need to make close contact with anyone , well except SWMBO
  8. What brand are the aids ,mine have settings done by supplier ,in this case Boots Perhaps there is a setting that can be adjusted to cut out interference.
  9. I know where the weight plate is , my point was , at least on my caravan , axle load is not mentioned . As for other brands .....
  10. That binnacle looks interesting , is there a part number or other information ,including dimensions, at present I just have a 4 way adaptor sitting on the sill , that would be a neat and tidy modification to my caravan
  11. "The OP seems to have that information. It's the axle weight 1260Kg and MIRO 1353Kg that is causing confusion." Ah yes I see that now , Could it be a thing to do with exported caravans , even then It makes no sense , just checked my caravan out of curiosity , different brand etc , but no mention if axle weight limit , strange !
  12. The information is right here on this forum https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-data/sterling-eccles-elite-onyx-2008-caravan-specifications/
  13. Please don’t think I am calling you on this but I find it difficult to believe there is no manual control .Bit of a dumb system if that is the case We have a “Nest” system , which we can control from the other side of the world , or just walk to the control unit in the hall and over ride it . Any way , back on topic !
  14. A couple of extra tips for serviced pitches . For the water feed pipe in winter , I have about 10/15 lengths of pipe insulation ( B&Q) 18mm I think , the insulation is split so easy to slide over the feed pipe , I was caught once with a frozen feed pipe to the barrel , never again And a general one , if you use an external submerged filter in you barrel , a short length of solid plastic pipe over the flexible pipe in between the filter and the barrel cap will stop the filter floating up if it gets air in it.
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