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  1. Many thanks. What is an MK4? Is it a model within thr CRV range?
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply and suggestion. We'd discounted it as the boot size was 503 ltr vs the CRV 590ltr. Due to our circumstances we need bigger rather than smaller. I did a previous post and many alternatives were helpfully recommended but my we've discounted them for various reasons (BMW 520, Octavia, KIA Sportage, Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Volvos, VW Touareg, Audis). We want around 5 years old, upto £15k, big boot, SUV, strong enough and emission friendly to travel into cities with emission restrictions. We can only see a Honda crv fi
  3. We understand that the 2. 2 dtec would have been strong enough but that in 2015 it was replaced with the 1.6dtec which doesn't quite have the same pulling power according to some reviews. Does anyone have any experience of the towing with the 1.6dtec? Would switching to a 2014 2.2 dtec resolve the issue or is there anything we need to know about that model? (one thing to note is that we are close to London and want a diesel car that we can travel into the centre with, without being concerned about emission restrictions). Thankyou!
  4. Thanks a lot. The 2.2dtec auto you recommend, is that petrol or diesel?
  5. It is a 2013, 1.6l petrol so yours were a lot stronger. Thanks for this. What qualifies as a big SUV? Would a Honda CRV be classes as big?
  6. Thanks, is this 2.2 manual a petrol option? Do you have one too? 🙂
  7. New to us. Around 3-5 years old would be OK. Upto about £16k but could go a bit higher if absolutely necessary. See @Mr Plodd comment for why🙂 Hi, thanks for your reply. Budget is around £16k I'd say. We'd prefer a used car, about 3+ year old. Yes, we need rear seats and a big boot. We will find out more about what happened when we get the car back tomorrow. The mechanic thinks our gearbox is on the way out and that pulling the caravan was too much for it. The standard licence where we didn't have to take the test. So does that mean a B licence
  8. Hi all, We are just back after our 3rd trip out with our 1st caravan. We broke down on the way back (wouldn't go above 3rd gear and steam coming from the engine) and had to be towed home by breakdown recovery. We thought the gearbox had broken but the mechanic has confirmed that all is well and the van was probably too heavy for the car, causing the gearbox to overheat. The car is petrol and automatic. We are now looking for a new car but wondered what was recommended by more experienced caravanners. Here are some of the things we need:
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