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  1. Thanks Wildwood, yes I will try Jonic 😊
  2. Well, Swirly, if Adria do reply, I will come back and let you know what they said. On the other hand, it obviously isn't bothering you (or your toes)!! 😄
  3. Well Swirly182, thank you.....I'm very happy to know it's not just us and that my marbles are still intact! 😄 However, there must be a "proper" way for the cushions to be placed so they don't move about, so I have emailed Adria for some info/advice.
  4. Hi SarahD and Jonply, I wondered if you could please help me with a question regarding how to configure the Adria Dart cushions, in order to make up the front double bed? We should have asked the salesman to give us a quick lesson (but didn't) and now we just cannot get the cushions to fit properly. Feeling a bit dim really! Will
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