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  1. They were always the longest to reach me the two times I had to use green flag. RAC have been the quickest. Worst green flag experience was when my clutch went. They still sent a mechanic despite my instance I'd need recovering. Then a wait for a tow truck which for some reason couldn't or more accurately wouldn't tow me. Ended up waiting again for a low loader to get from Tamworth over to Longbridge to recover me. At least with RAC the mechanic in his van also had the kit to tow me away.
  2. Just as an aside out of AA, RAC and Green Flag. GF are the worst one I've used. Chiefly because they don't have their own vehicles and mechanics but sub the work out.
  3. True. A problem in general is that the UK wants everything for nothing. And when we look at nations doing things better than us. They almost always pay higher taxes.
  4. I'd be curious about range that bin lorry has. I drive an 18t rigid truck with a refrigeration unit built in. I hear that our trial of an electric truck was a fail. Because the batteries just can't last to run the fridge and make drive around for very long. The bin lorry surely will drain it's battery operating the machinery at the back.
  5. That's because all Audi have faulty indicators.
  6. The two batteries on my Bosch seem to be done now. Not bad, it's lasted 15 years of heavy use. You'd reccomend Ryobi then?
  7. For sure they might well be shooting themselves in the foot. I'm just trying to understand why they might feel the need to take this course. I'm sure they'll change their minds if nobody pays up front. It wouldn't be possible for me right now.
  8. Well true, I agree. I just wondered if they're in need of cash now hence the demand for immediate full payment. At some point that need might trump good customer service. Though it's a bit of a chicken egg situation.
  9. Could it be that they're simply struggling that badly?
  10. Reckon I'd move pretty bloomin fast if I noticed me van rolling away.
  11. I love the optimism of being able to go away over Christmas. I'm all for the lights though. I love decorating the house inside and out for Christmas.
  12. That's not comparable. Cyclist sits in the inside of a lorry turning left, in the lorries blind spot. Cyclist gets run over. The blame is on the cyclist for placing themselves in a dangerous position. My wife likes to tell me that roads were not created for motor vehicles. That's just what they evolved to mostly carry.
  13. I'm quite uneasy about this proposed change. As a truck driver I'm going to get instantly blamed. But if a cyclist or pedestrian puts themselves in a dangerous position. Then all the safety features I've got might not be enough. And their mistake could cost me my job or even my liberty.
  14. From my own research you'll find plenty of folding campers that you can tow with a 1000Kg limit. You'll really struggle to find a caravan.
  15. Well I meant energy the national grid could use to boil my kettle. But you're quite right.
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