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  1. Oi the meriva isn't that old or unmodern! šŸ˜‚ It's got ESP.
  2. And here I was running them bald. šŸ˜‚ I change tyres in pairs when the tred gets low or they're punctured/damaged.
  3. I don't think the majority care. But you get bad apples in every basket. I suppose some might find it frustrating if they're struggling to find someone to park, to then see a space taken up by anything that isn't another HGV.
  4. Yeah I know. Was the case 3 years ago when I did my C. Probably should have been clearer on my post but also didn't expect to be taken seriously with that suggestion! It would be a bit ott to pay out to get C then C+E because you want to tow a caravan haha.
  5. Well to be fair to Kwik fit this wasn't a man at their garage. But on their website which just lists all tyres suitable for the car when you give in the details. I buy online and have them come to me to fit the tyres. Though it is the only thing I trust kwikfit to do.
  6. Just ordered two new front tyres for the meriva. And I noticed that Kwik fit do a reinforced tyre. A quick Google seems to suggest that they can handle higher tyre pressure and so more weight. Which makes me wonder if i should change the rear tyres to reinforced ones when I get a folding camper next year. Or are standard tyres perfectly fine at the pressure and speeds used when towing?
  7. Go all the way and do C+E and drive artics as well as caravans. As other have said you need +E on whatever category to gain the towing part. So for example I have category C meaning I can drive any rigid lorry. But I need C+E to drive an articulated lorry or draw bar trailer.
  8. I've had a look at the ones for sale on their website. Sadly they all seem to be 2 berth. I like the Pennine pathfinder with its double beds that fold out. It gives plenty of sleeping space for me n the Mrs and our son.
  9. My Kia only came with the foam sealant stuff no actual spare wheel. I had to use it and it worked, got me the 25 miles back home from work. I dunno how it would stand up if you had to make a long journey on it. And presumably if the puncture is too big it couldn't seal it. Whereas a spare wheel will always work.
  10. Horses for courses I suppose. A bit of rain never bothered me much. I work in it often enough. I think it's a suggestion worth considering. Especially as a tentative step into camping. Or where the current car can't tow anything particularly heavy.
  11. Nope, because this is recent and I wouldn't have used them, once I'd realised. So wouldn't commit them to memory either.
  12. I've deffinatley used online retailers where I wouldn't think the trade would be the main buyers. And I've only realised the price didn't include vat come checkout.
  13. Would a petrol electric hybrid be an option? Should get good torque if an electric motor is driving the wheels.
  14. One of my pet hates is the way things are advertised to look much better value than they in fact are. Linked to this is when goods/services are advertised without VAT added.
  15. It's not uncommon for me to read moaning posts about wobble boxes parked in HGV parking. In quite a common refrain on the HGV forums I follow. But I'd be surprised if any HGV driver was incensed enough to actually slash someone's tyres.
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