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  1. thats a great result and ending.
  2. sorry Daveat92. I wasn’t clear in my original post. I work for NHS ambulance trust so at work in possible contact all the time. We’re now wearing PPE with all patient contact
  3. Most of it was that we got the PPE they didn’t. Although the Surgical masks we wear still gap at sides so are not great it not face on to person coughing. If we go to a known covid person we don better masks plus any jobs that could potentially aresol partials get the upgrade mask. Police and fire didn’t get much PPE at start as far as I’m aware. It’s only in last 2 months we have been advised to wear masks in cab in my trust location
  4. Sorry should of said I work on front line ambulance and also go in and out of A&E all the time on shift 😊 Regular testing might help keep our anxiety levels down a little but then it’s only as good as the test kit
  5. Didn’t realise they were still doing this. Glad they are tho. Was lucky enough not to need to do this during first lockdown.
  6. Hope those who have had covid are recovering with no long term effects. we use masks when out and loads of alcohol gel. Don’t use the app but that’s only because I have to disable it when I’m at work ( or else it would go off all the time and I’ll be self isolating all the time)
  7. This was easy for us. We wanted a van for while and was offered a very good van from a good friend at a very reduced price as he just wanted to get rid of it. Plus he still does a bit of maintaince on it too. we did want a fixed bed which was there. Only problem is that it has end bathroom rather than midship. james
  8. makes sense if they are biggest manufacture inUK Im happy with our old Bailey to be honest. Must just be us seeing swift’s lol.
  9. Very. They had all the right gear to cut through all the security devices attached to the vans and premises. Can’t believe no one heard the noise they must of made.
  10. The mrs and I did a round trip yesterday of nearly 200 miles ( to drop daughter back to her mother) and to pass time we did some caravan spotting. ( sad I know). It seemed to us that the most popular van is the swift (80% of vans we passed) So now the mrs is wondering why this is. So thought I’d ask on here. I’ve told her no matter what she can’t have a new van for few years as ours is still good 😊
  11. In our area, last week there was 5 vans stolen in just 1 night from peoples driveways. Friend has had to move his from the seasonal pitch he has to a more secure storage site for same reason.
  12. My OH brought our caravan last year as she always wanted one. She’s 38 now. I’m 46 so think we started out late by looks of reply’s on here. Lol Glad she did as I do shifts and get days off in week we can take short break whenever we like. Plus sites are not too pricy unlike going abroad for couple of days
  13. Hi and welcome. The hot water switch could be anywhere, found mine attached to the fixed bed. Im sure someone will be on who knows for sure
  14. My other half needs to do this courses. I don’t cause to quote kids ‘ I’m old’ who would you guys recommend to teach this near Bedfordshire?
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