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  1. Sorry to hear this Julie, hope they can recover caravan this is one of our biggest worries too. will have to think about getting tracker fitted once I have the funds
  2. Saw these in my local Aldi today. Don’t think I can use it on my van as never seen a connection for it but thought I’d share if anyone needs one
  3. Hi and welcome. I had the same trouble with mine till I found a switch near the floor attached to rear fixed bed. ( we have a Bailey pageant beaudaux) hope this helps. the experts will be on later to give more advice but might help if we know model 😊
  4. Welcome to caravanning. Glad you brought a van that suits. happy travels
  5. We’re paying £30 a month to store our van. It’s on a farm behind 2 locked gates and also has cctv set up.
  6. So today had mover fitted to our caravan by motor moves direct. Took the man about hour and half to get it done. Very good service from them
  7. Charged the battery and put it back in yesterday. All now good. Looks like I lift light on and didn’t turn master switch off. Other half insists it was my fault not hers. At least it will now be ok for when the mover gets fitted at storage unit.
  8. no tracker or alarm. More user error I fear. battery was new 2 years ago when I brought caravan so hoping it’s ok.
  9. ours being done on 20th. So all good for when we get to go away
  10. So been over to the storage unit this morning to check van is dry and everything ready for starting to go away. Found out we must of left something on as no electrics. Hoping it’s the battery that’s flat and we forgot to turn master power switch off. Brought battery home to charge as middle of month caravan mover being fitted. Fingers crossed that’s all it is
  11. Ordered the 303 other day. Due to my incredible DIY skills the other half insisted on paying extra to get it fitted. Think she wanted to still have the caravan left after I was done lol
  12. To be fair I did ask for his advice on best one they had. Was surprised as what he’s recommended is also the cheapest.
  13. its a drop kerb but when I paid council to do it they made it a bit steep Had this reply from motor movers direct
  14. I’m looking to get a mover for my 2005 baileys pageant van What advice would you guys give about these? what company would be recommended to supply and install ? hoping to get an auto rather than manual and to get on drive it has to cope with short steep kerb thanks in advance james
  15. They have started rolling out the jabs for us at work. There only doing 20 a week on station as some staff been slightly unwell the next day with temp and aches. They think this is due to the amount of exposure we have been getting to Covid when I get a chance I’ll be having it and making sure I have plenty of paracetamol in From what I’ve been hearing at work it’s normally only couple days. Hope you feel better soon and take paracetamol if your allowed
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