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  1. Hi and welcome. The hot water switch could be anywhere, found mine attached to the fixed bed. Im sure someone will be on who knows for sure
  2. My other half needs to do this courses. I don’t cause to quote kids ‘ I’m old’ who would you guys recommend to teach this near Bedfordshire?
  3. I used our oven every day this week. Mainly for heating up pasta bakes etc. Use hob most for kettle and making the sauces of dinners. Tend to make sure everything is covered so not slashing to keep oven clean The misses says caravanning is same as bbq so I should do all the cooking
  4. thank you for advice. Followed all of the above when I put caravan back into storage for the winter
  5. Welcome. Ive had some good advice from people on here over last two months.
  6. Only 3rd time towing a van so I’m impressed with myself. I do wonder sometimes why I waited so long before getting caravan tho lol
  7. we don’t have an awning so it’s not too bad. Took me while to reverse it onto pitch lol
  8. So after sitting through a storm seen we have a tiny leak in one of the small front windows Also the storage space under bed ( the door) has a leak. My question is how easy is it to replace these seals for a mechanical idiot like me, or should I get a professional do it? Thank you for any help and advice.
  9. Will be next spring now. Will follow what I’ve been advised on here and make sure water tank and toilet is empty of all liquid
  10. So after several failures to get away in our caravan we have finally made it away for 2nd time this year. Short trip away but just wanted practice towing and setting van up. Found a nice site in Cambridge called Highfield campsite, nice settings and very good amenities. Owner nice and helpful which is a great help for a newbie like me. Also thanks to advice I received on here I now have heating and hot water too. Might have taken me longer than you guys to get set up but at least kettle was on in under half hour. After this I’m looking forward to lots more trips a
  11. Blimy you carry more than we do in the ambulances. 😂
  12. Thank you for all information. It’s much appreciated. James
  13. been over to van today and found the power switch and thermostats for hot water heater. It is mounted on the side of the fixed double bed. So hopefully when we’re away in few weeks we have hot water Thanks for advice James
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