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  1. All the lights and triangles required are already on the van, just need a bit of 12v jiggery pokery to get them illuminated (fairly straightforward with a few links) and there you go.
  2. If you get something like a Huawei B535 mobile WiFi (or mifi) you can attach two aerials which will boost your signal a reasonable amount. I found that the aerials in the mifi improve things slightly but putting the aerials outside the van makes a real difference. I combined this with a Smarty 30 gig sim at £10 a month. Not all mifi’s are able to take aerials, so if going this route be careful, if you want the Huawei B535 try CEX for a refurb, mine came with box and manuals and looked new and has worked fine so far. Being a cheapskate I take the sim out of my phone to put it into the mifi 😁😁 saves an extra sim and associated bill. There you go, another option.
  3. Interesting stuff Colin, but I was using confused.com and not the meerkat one, so are you saying that neither consider a towbar to be an accessory, even though they have very long lists of other accessories? My point though, was disagreeing with Mr P that all insurance companies require you to inform them you have a towbar as an accessory. Churchill and its subsidiaries don’t have towbar among there very long list of accessories.
  4. Funny, not seen it much with motorhomes but twice recently with caravans! First was quite a short move so all done with motormover. The second included swapping fields, awning was taken down and chucked over fence and then the ‘van was towed around with final set up using motormover! There you go, a bit of balance 😁.
  5. Thanks guys, I am hoping you are correct Litw , should then be a quick and simple fix! I am fairly confident the leak is ‘in’ the boiler assembly but with the all in one cover there is nothing to see😀. I’m a bit handy on the tools ( electro mechanical eng) but as it isn’t a year old I don’t want to prejudice my warranty so have strongly resisted the temptation to rip it apart. Definitely hoping it is a weeping joint JTQ but it did seem a fairly generous weep, probably suggests it has moved a fair bit off its stub. I guess the upside is that it didn’t come off completely and we were able to finish our trip away and the trip to get it serviced is in early October and nothing planned before then so it would seem sensible to have it sorted under warranty in case it is more complicated than we imagine. Thanks for replying, appreciated.
  6. Stagn8

    MTPLM Help

    Hello Dave, you are in good company asking these questions, there is so much confusion and the arbitrary 85% rule you refer to just makes the confusion worse. Somewhere on a caravan will be a weight plate detailing the ‘vans mtplm. This must not be exceeded, you will be breaking the law. On your car (probably on the pillar of the door opening) is a similar plate detailing the cars maximum weight ( maximum you can load it to ) and another higher figure which is the gross train weight. The train weight is a combination of the previous figure plus the maximum weight you can tow. So take the lower from the higher and you will have the maximum weight you can legally tow. Stay within these figures and you will be legal, as to whether it is a safe outfit as been said that is a whole different conversation.
  7. Going to have to disagree with you Mr P, looking for insurance at the moment, try confused.com, clicked modifications and lots of sub categories and not one of them included towbar. In essence absolutely nowhere to enter a towbar as a modification. Then went into detail with a supplier, Darwin (friend of Churchill 😀) to see if I could add towbar, nope absolutely not, however it does say any modification added by manufacturer or dealer at purchase is covered. Not sure where that leaves us as any insurer working through confused.com ( probably 80 or 90) won’t have any idea you have a towbar as you can’t enter that particular bit of information.
  8. Found the carpets at the front of the van were soaking wet and quickly traced the water back to the Alde heating unit. The only place to show water was the front left corner looking from above and nowhere else. All inlet pipes, and outlet pipes were dry. The water was cold so assume it is a leak from the inlet into the boiler, only started ( fortunately) about 12 days into our break and of course had been on, without incident, for that time. Turned off the pump and relieved the water pressure via the hot tap, mopped up the water and this seemed to reduce the leak considerably. Of course as soon as the pump was on again the leak would restart. It’s booked in with the dealer for its next service and I have just made them aware of it but after googling I haven’t come across anyone else with the problem. So, has anyone had the problem and does anyone know how the cold water is connected to the heating tank, I.e. is it rubber, welded, threaded etc connection. I am trying to second guess if this is potentially an easy repair or is it going to be an exchange unit and require an extended service. Thanks PS Van is a 2020 Bailey Alicanto
  9. Profile gives it as a 2020 so should be pink. Clearly need to check but I believe manufacturers have been using pink for a while.
  10. It’s the reservoir for the ‘wet’ Alde heating. Should all be explained in your handbook.
  11. Almost forgot - battery! Somewhere like Tanya are good and usually free next day delivery! As to which battery, well, you will get plenty of opinions on here but they are expensive. I did notice the AL-KO lock wasn’t offered as an option but probably worth asking you dealer, if it doesn’t have one I believe the dealer can fit one if you particularly want that type of lock but that will of course considerably increase the price. Pop wheel lock into the search and you will probably find quite a lot of posts recommending on or another.
  12. The AL-KO wheel lock will be specific to the wheel on your van, might want to check there is a receiver for it mounted to the chassis. Getting kitted up is half the fun of a new hobby 😁, usually plenty of good second stuff on the bay and the for sale section on here. Lots of people sell off their gear when they give up caravanning or motor-homing. We’ve been doing it for a while so gradually collected more and more stuff, then gradually reduced it as didn’t use it or didn’t like it, so worthwhile starting with s/hand and replacing with new when things have proved their worth. We started with a minimum of stuff, gas, water and waste containers and enough to cook with and eat from! Generally you are never far from a shop so any emergencies can normally be sorted. Their is a camping site right next to the Oxford Go Outdoors, might be a good test site and you can add to your inventory as you go along!!
  13. You are almost certainly going to have to purchase one to comply with the insurance requirements , so the one with the best discount makes sense to me.
  14. Haha, think you are right logiclee! Thought I had better keep the list fairly short so stuck with memory 😀. According to my spreadsheet 65 different cars and 15 motorbikes. Probably with you on number of tow cars and other than the Outlander fitted every towbar and electrics myself ( mainly cos I can do it and a cheapskate !) fortunately all been reliable and good at towing!
  15. Might be easier to ask if anybody has towed with something that they wouldn’t recommend, I would think any reasonably modern car will tow well if you keep within the recommended towing weights. I’ve towed with an Astra, Escort, Vitara , Rover 75, Rover 45, Volvo C70, Octavia, Avensis, Saab 3, Outlander, in fact just about every car I have owned and they all towed admirably.
  16. The AL-KO wheel lock is usually considered the best but it is faff to fit as due to its design the wheel needs to be lined up with the receiver fairly accurately. Not too bad if you have a mover. Might be worth looking at potential insurance cover first as they tend to give different discounts according to the type of security you use. The AL-KO normally attracts the largest discount but not always. As to Hitchlock just look for the highest sold secure rating and find the best price, they all do pretty much the same job.
  17. Definitely think think the shortages are over, saw about three different ‘van dealers while touring over the last week or two and all stacked to the gunnels with vans, plus my own dealership had quite a few. No idea where they are all coming from, guessing not new as so few of those about.
  18. Much better idea, I do object to paying £4 or £5 a night for £1:50 worth of electricity. Site I was on last week was pay by meter and they reckon on average £1:50 a night during the summer increasing to about £2 in the Autumn quarter. As an aside isn’t there a rule that sites can’t profit when reselling electricity, hence the additional charge as a catch all and avoiding accusations of profiting on reselling?
  19. A huge number of automatics have two clutches and quite a few of those have DMFs, still agree that they are better than manuals and I don’t believe the clutches give trouble as they run in oil, similary the DMFs seem reliable though correct oil changes are a must to clean out all the muck. Hydraulic automatics are much improved but a lot of manufacturers seem to prefer the dual clutch, including. I believe Mazda with their sky active though that one does seem to include all three automatic technologies 😀.
  20. Thought I would see what mine said 60 /4.15, on a Bailey too! 😁😁
  21. Your local glazier should be able to help, from memory it is 3mm mirror glass you want and ask them to polish the edges to make them safe. It will probably be a bit of a “how much!” moment 😀😀
  22. Have to say that seems a very good reason not to buy a BEV, it’s potentially going to be out of date at any moment!
  23. I’m not affronted at all, but all things need to be balanced, if you had just restricted yourself to your ‘opinion on the product based on factual usage’ fine, but you felt the need to add ‘Dometic overpriced comedy products’ can’t see anything comical about mine. I agree, vastly overpriced like anything made for caravans but it seems in Bailey caravans they work very well and from the comments from other Coachman owners in Coachman caravans not so good. So is it ‘Dometic overpriced comedy products’, could it be less than competent designers at Coachman, perhaps even user error. I don’t suppose we will ever know.
  24. Mine is exactly the same, so mentioned it to the dealer after noticing the mention of the locking device in the manual. They told me the same, no locking device, I did a very thorough search on the sliding rails and I am pretty sure they are correct and there isn’t any method of locking. I did think the same as you and create a device myself but nothing is coming to mind, so, if you do come up with a plan please share 😀.
  25. The square in the bottom is for a charcoal filter when an optional fan is fitted, it would vent outside under the van via a rubber pipe. Others have suggested that rain gets through the seal on the door and would collect in the bottom. With all the rain recently could be an explanation. Some vans do have a lip mounted above the door to guide water away and others have fitted something to do the same.
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